Thursday, 22 December 2016

Youth Of Today

Here's an early Christmas present, the long-awaited Youth Of Today!

Youth Of Today are a four-piece hardcore punk band from Danbury, Connecticut that were originally around from 1985 to 1990. Despite being from Connecticut, their impact was really felt in New York. Without a doubt, they're easily one of the most important and influential bands in hardcore history. They were integral in the original Youth Crew scene, as well as furthering straight edge to incorporate vegetarianism. They only released material in their original five-year run together, which included putting out classics like Break Down The Walls and We're Not In This Alone, which are both monumental records in hardcore punk.

In addition to the obvious influence Youth Of Today had, their members were also active in a ton of other burgeoning punk bands at the time, including Gorilla Biscuits, Side By Side, Project X, Judge, Shelter, CIV, and Quicksand, to name just a few. Youth Of Today have reunited numerous times since their original run. Like I said before, their only recorded material is from their first five years, though they still ended up being fairly active over the next few decades through tours and festivals and such. The first two reunions were one-off shows in 1994 and 1999, then a European tour in 2003. Since 2010, they've played shows fairly frequently each year, mostly making festival appearances. This year particularly, their classic line-up that recorded We're Not In This Alone has reunited. Enjoy.

1. Expectations
2. Crucial Times
3. I Have Faith
4. Youth Of Today
5. Take A Stand
6. Positive Outlook
7. Can't Close My Eyes
8. We Just Might
9. Youth Crew

1. Make A Change
2. Thinking Straight
3. Stabbed In The Back
4. Take A Stand
5. Honesty
6. One Family
7. Break Down The Walls
8. Shout It
9. Time To Forgive
10. Positive Outlook
11. Standing Hard
12. Free At Last
13. Youth Of Today

1. Flame Still Burns
2. Slow Down
3. Choose To Be
4. Put It Aside
5. Wake Up And Live
6. No More
7. What Goes Around
8. Potential Friends
9. A Time We'll Remember
10. Live Free
11. Understand
12. Prejudice
13. Keep It Up

1. Disengage
2. Modern Love Story
3. Envy

1. Slow Down
2. Malfunction (Cro-Mags)
3. Can't Close My Eyes
4. Potential Friends
5. I Have Faith
6. Stabbed In The Back
7. Keep It Up
8. Better Than You (Gorilla Biscuits)
9. Put It Aside
10. Youth Crew
11. Break Down The Walls
12. Anarchy In... (Sex Pistols)
13. Make A Change
14. Flame Still Burns
15. Take A Stand
16. Pushed Too Far (Sick Of It All)
17. A Time We Will Remember
18. Shout It
19. Choose To Be
20. One Night Stand
21. No More
22. Can't You See (Crippled Youth)
23 Prejudice
24. Wake Up And Live
25. Honesty
26. Talk Is Cheap (Bold)
27. Positive Outlook
28. Together
29. Youth Of Today
30. Understand

1. A Time We'll Remember
2. No More
3. Break Down The Walls
4. Can't Close My Eyes
5. Malfunction (Cro-Mags)
6. Minor Threat (Minor Threat)
7. Standing Hard


  1. hearing Youth of Today in the late 80's was a game changer to me!

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