Monday, 12 December 2016


Gospel were a four-piece post-hardcore/screamo/progressive band from New York that were around from 2004 to 2006, and briefly reunited in 2009. Their sole LP, The Moon is a Dead World is an absolute classic. The band are incredibly forward-thinking that features a lot of angular guitar work and progressive rock influence, as well as displaying some jaw-dropping musicianship (those drums, holy hell). I think it puts Gospel right up there with other greats such as Circle Takes The Square or Off Minor.

Unfortunately, they didn't last long after the release of their debut. They were in the process of another album, though they broke up before any actual recording could be done. However, there is a live recording of The Magic Volume of Dark Matter, which consists of material that may have made it to their next LP. Another shot at a follow-up came when they reunited in 2009. This time, two songs actually did end up getting recorded (I only have one of these though). Regardless, this was the end of Gospel, at least for now. Enjoy.

1. Gospel - Congratulations... You've Hit Bottom!
2. Gospel - Ghost & Gun
3. Gospel - What Means Of Witchery
4. Kodan Armada - Coppers!
5. Kodan Armada - Death Wears A Necktie
6. Kodan Armada - Say Something

1. Opium
2. Paper Tiger
3. Yr Electric Surge Is Sweet
4. Ghost N' Gun
5. And Redemption Fills The Emptiest Of Hearts

1. Congratulations... You've Hit Bottom!
2. Yr Electric Surge is Sweet
3. A Golden Dawn
4. Paper Tiger
5. And Redemption Fills the Emptiest of Hearts
6. Opium
7. What Means of Witchery
8. As Far as You Can Throw Me

1. The Magic Volume Of Dark Matter

1. Tango


  1. The band, the myth, the legend. Finally on here. Awesome.

  2. The Moon is a Dead World is completely crazy, I can't believe I just discovering this album. Thanks so much for posting this.

  3. They were supposed to play under an overpass here with meneguar and what's yr damage? I want to say they cancelled. Great recorded output though

  4. What a great band. The Moon is a Dead World is an amazing record.