Friday, 9 December 2016

Trophy Eyes

Trophy Eyes are a five-piece pop punk/melodic hardcore band from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia that formed in 2013. To be completely honest, I haven't listened to them much, so can't really comment on their sound. However, the pop punk/melodic hardcore blend is definitely evident, so if that sounds appealing, this band is probably up your alley. I'm mainly throwing them up on here now because I know a TON of people have been looking for this band, and 'tis the season of giving, haha. Enjoy!

1. Chacho
2. Personal Taste

1. May 24
2. Cutting Teeth
3. Bandaid
4. Hourglass
5. Fortunate

1. My Name On Paper
2. Come Clean
3. Convalescence
4. Family Name
5. Responsibility And Structure
6. Best Man
7. In Return
8. White Curtains
9. Choke
10. Ugly Pattern
11. Penfold State Forest

1. Tired Hearts

1. Chlorine
2. Counting Sheep
3. Nose Bleed
4. Heaven Sent
5. Rain On Me
6. Chemical
7. Breathe You In
8. Home Is
9. Miracle
10. Suicide Pact
11. Daydreamer

1. Autumn
2. Something Bigger Than This
3. Friday Forever
4. More Like You
5. A Cotton Candy Sky
6. You Can Count On Me
7. Broken
8. Tip Toe
9. Lavender Bay
10. Miming In The Choir
11. A Symphony Of Crickets
12. I Can Feel It Calling


  1. Yei this is a really, really good gift. You should listen to them more frequently because I can assure you they are great!

  2. Can you do Westpoint please?

  3. I would say that Trophy Eyes sound kinda like Title Fight would if they hadn't gone full shoegaze. Mend, Move On was the album I recall listening to most times on repeat. Thank you

  4. Hey can anyone upload some My American Heart's albums and Bleed The Dreams Albums please

  5. can you get the single hurt by trophy eyes?

    1. Here ya go

  6. podrian subir algo de Front Porch Step por favor

  7. hi! how can i download this? thanks

  8. Can you get the American dream

  9. The American Dream -

  10. Hurt pls? Anyone? TIA