Friday, 9 December 2016


Solids are a three-piece (formerly two-piece) alternative rock band from Montreal, Quebec that formed in 2009. They've picked up quite a bit of attention with their debut LP, Blame Confusion a few years back. This year they put out a new EP, Else, through Topshelf Records, and have continued their reign of fuzzed-out terror. Solids approach to music takes clear influence from the best of 90's alt. rock, such as Dinosaur Jr. They craft phenomenal pop songs that are stacked with layers of loud, distorted guitar. They often draw comparisons to other modern bands such as No Age, which is definitely a worthy comparison. Enjoy.

1. Erratic Dogs
2. Whatevers And Neverminds
3. Fire Works ( Just fine )
4. Generic Town
5. Distant Faces

1. Fog Friends
2. Blown Out

1. Solids - Cold Hands
2. Animal Faces - Give In
3. Animal Faces - Hold On

1. Over The Sirens
2. Off White
3. Traces
4. Haze Away
5. Blame Confusion
6. Laisser Faire
7. Cold Hands
8. Through The Walls
9. Not Complaining
10. Terminal

1. Blank Stare
2. Wait It Out
3. Blurs
4. Shine

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