Saturday, 10 December 2016


Suffix were a screamo band from Chicago, Illinois that were around between 2010 and 2011. I'm not sure if they started before or continued after that. They've got a really cool male-female vocal dynamic going on, with the two often alternating each line. Fans of modern "skramz" bands like Beau Navire and Innards will dig them. Their discography is incredibly limited, consisting pretty much only of one split and one EP. However, both are incredible and shouldn't be passed up. Also, members of Suffix went on to play in a bunch of other fantastic screamo bands, such as Itto, Lord Snow, and Coping. Enjoy.

1. Bannon's Fucking Dead
2. Dude, So Your Like Hebrew?
3. Brutal Knowledge
4. We're Nothing Without Our Hats
5. Nazi Zombies
6. Oh Hey Der Margie
7. The Suit You Live In

1. Suffix - Post-Rock Is For Lovers
2. Suffix - Get Pitted!
3. Beau Navire - Space Heaters
4. Beau Navire - Scattered Trails
5. Beau Navire - Sanctus Locus

1. Guys.... We're Gonna Need More Salsa
2. Gettin' Jangry

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