Sunday, 11 December 2016

True Love

True Love are a five-piece straight edge hardcore band from Detroit, Michigan that formed in 2013. These guys play a straight-up kickass style of hardcore that's quite reminiscent of American Nightmare. After two fantastic EP's a few years back, they've released their debut full-length on Bridge 9 this year. Grab everything below, this is high-energy hardcore at its finest. Enjoy.

1. Intro/TLC
2. Midnight People
3. Out In The Streets Pt. 1
4. American Tears
5. Chained Melody

1. Non Places
2. Long Lonely Time
3. Tomorrow Or After
4. A Wide Enough River
5. At The Top With All The Breaks
6. Night Shade
7. Those Days
8. A Serious Man

1. Piece For A Piece
2. Your Side
3. Out In The Streets, Pt. 1
4. Kill For That
5. Midnight People
6. Young To Die
7. Where It Ends
8. Chained Melody
9. The One And Only
10. Out In The Streets, Pt. III
11. Meant To Take
12. Enouement
13. Stay True

1. Outside Of Outsiders
2. Scene of The Crime
3. The Pact
4. Nothing Left
5. Change Or Die
6. The Other Way
7. Saudade
8. Care Of Cell

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