Saturday, 10 December 2016

52 Hertz

52 Hertz are a three-piece emo/punk band from Wurzburg, Germany that formed in 2014. These guys play a really catchy blend of math rock-inspired emo and high-energy pop punk with harshly sung vocals. This band is definitely for fans of bands like Park Jefferson, Sport, Brave Bird, and Spraynard. Plus 52 Hertz have a really cool name, which is in reference to the "world's loneliest whale", aka the sole member of Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Whale). Bad joke aside, enjoy.

1. curr
2. I'd rather hang out with a stone than going back there!

1. "Every Bruise Is A Hickey From The Universe."
2. Purr
3. Kufte
4. Shyonara
5. Perfectly Unhappy

1. To hide the Heart from the Head
2. Get out of the blind Spot!

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