Saturday, 10 December 2016


Yes, this could be the only band name that rivals iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook. This band, iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing were a three-piece (sometimes two and even one-piece) screamo band from Lansing, Michigan. There is some clear Jeromes Dream worship (did the name not give it away?), which is an obvious indication of how good of a band this is. Unfortunately, their music is now nearly impossible to find. They put out a slew of cassettes at the beginning of the decade through Plastic Smile Records, which is unfortunately now defunct. Thus, a lot of their material is now not easily available. All I have is their self-titled EP (which is fantastic, by the way). I figured I'd share it here, and if anyone has anything else by them, it'd be amazing if you could send them my way. If not, please do enjoy their self-titled at least.

1. Heavy Hearts
2. Smile
3. Untitled
4. As Pendulums Rest
5. Butterflies
6. Warmth
7. An Image
8. Universal
9. Angel
10. Black Sheep
11. Untitled
12. Heavy Hearts (Rehearsal)
13. Warmth (Rehearsal)
14, Separate Paths (Rehearsal)
15. As Pendulums Rest (Rehearsal)
16. Dead End (Rehearsal)
17. Untitled (Rehearsal)


  1. I dont think Nolan agreed for this post hahaha. I have posted the discography CD but deleted it. I was able to buy most of this projects tapes in 2011. About 54 songs were made. The rehearsal songs you listed are not rehearsals those were from a tape called Motionless. Ill probably post their discography sometime in the spring, super glad I copped the discography CD 2 falls ago. Nolan is doing a semi discography next year I think wont have all songs but itll have the s/t, motionless EP, heal and antiquity EP. Here is the stuff that was made.
    5 track demo tape
    Motionless EP
    2012/11 demo tape
    Split w/ In braille
    Split w/ OA
    SPlit w/ Flowers in gun barrels
    PSR Halloween comp
    Antiquity EP
    New horizons EP
    s/t microcassette

    1. I got a lot of stuff during the PSR days even a test press of the 2012/11 demo. He ran another band called Flowers in gun barrels which I also bought the discography CD and even have these manila envelope cd+2010 collection CD. Flowers in gun barrels sounded like a lo fi I wrote haikus band. He had also formed a couple of noise hardcore screamo bands like Dreamer, Very fucking, Crocodile hiss and Celestial being which were also some really epic absurd obscure stuff from 2011 that I happen to obtain too. I had to rip the Crocodile hiss tapes since Nolan never leaked these tapes out. But yeah I'll cover PSR in the spring

    2. This dude was really good but it was a shame psr died but did Off cloud nine between 2012-2015 He also did a screamo Jeromes dream-sque band called the truth about dreaming. I did happen to invest a lot of money on PSR tapes/shirts/flexi same with OCN shirts/hoodies/tapes/records. He now started a hardcore metalcore label called Coercion. He started 2 projects ones called XeradicateX and Bring our demise these 2 bands are super rad and have released some cool tapes I also just bought recently. you should totally look into his new label and snag both of the bands tapes

    3. Hell yeah angryemonerd with the deep cuts. really want to hear that discography.

    4. where can I find their other stuff that you just mentioned? Did you post it?

  2. I recently got the 5 track demo and the Antiquity EP both on cassette. No track titles on either of em tho :/ I'll upload this week and leave a link.

    That discography sure would be great great to hear....

    1. I actually have quite a few downloads from way back when

      I have
      -New Horizons
      -S/T microcassette

      -The Flowers in Gun Barrels discography (and the 2010 collection)
      -The celestial being demo

      I think I have about 95% of PSR on tapes, but not seeing the complete discography list it is a little hard to tell, I typically bought a tape every release but drifted off a few months before the end.

      Any word on nolan releasing a semi discography?

    2. I lied! I has less of the discography than I thought. Looks like I stopped at PSR-014. I have 1-14, but I guess it goes up to PSR-035.

      I had so many chances to get that aspergers tape. regret not getting it 100%