Saturday, 10 December 2016


Honeywell were a four-piece hardcore/emo band from Corona, California that formed in 1991 and broke up in 1996. Like other California bands at the time, such as Heroin, Swing Kids, and Mohinder, Honeywell are considered to be an early influence on screamo. They played a dark, pummelling form of hardcore that utilized a lot of dissonance and shrieked vocals. Like their contemporaries, their output is quite small and limited. However, they did last for quite for a few years (relative to others), so there is an evident progression in their sound from each release. The essentials are definitely their debut 7", as well as their sole LP Industry. Enjoy.

1. Paradox / Septic
2. Nameless Victim
3. Blazing Saddles
4. In The Hands Of Amerika

1. Undesirable
2. Mesh Control
3. Everything Is Like Circles
4. Thirtyeight
5. Abuse / You And Me
6. Screaming, Numb Ears
7. It's A Wonderful Life
8. Industry
9. Glass Catheter Christ

1. Reach Out - Gadfly
2. Reach Out - Message To...
3. Honeywell - If...
4. Honeywell - Five Minutes Only

3. Mesh Control

4. Posthemosmis

1. Keratinize
2. Genius
3. Expectafeelis
4. I'll Love
5. Pallid Balance
6. Montgomery


  1. Not a lot of people know this but there was a 2x12" discography LP they made I have their 2 demo tapes if you want them

  2. Obrigado saudações do brasil!!