Sunday, 11 December 2016


Homewrecker are a five-piece hardcore band from Ashtabula, Ohio that formed in 2008. For the past few years, these guys have been killing it with one solid release after another. They play an intense, feedback-laden style of metallic hardcore with some thrash and grindcore influence thrown in the mix. They're an A389 band, so fans of bands associated with that label like Full of Hell or Young And In The Way should definitely take notice here. There's really not much else to say, if you want some kick-ass, heavy hardcore, it doesn't get much better than Homewrecker. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Where You Stand
3. It Repeats
4. Forget
5. Bottom Of A Well
6. Gravedigger
7. Brain Biter
8. Portrait Of Nothing
9. Black Mud

1. Cemetery Man
2. Con Artist / Charlatan
3. Internal Morgue
4. Eyes of Anguish

1. The Love Below - Uncomfortable
2. The Love Below - Rotten Fruit From A Shitty Tree
3. The Love Below - High Friends In Low Places
4. Homewrecker - Cemetery Man
5. Homewrecker - Internal Morgue

1. Wreck
2. Worms & Dirt
3. Baseborn
4. Visions of Terror
5. Chained Hanged Victim
6. Pipe Dreams
7. Eyes Of Anguish
8. Charlatan
9. Beaten Freedom

1. Forced Under
2. Circle Of Death
3. Born To Suffer
4. Illusions Of Peace
5. Authority Of The Mind
6. Skin The Pig
7. Punish The Ignorance
8. Silence The Weak
9. Unconscious

1. Extinction By Design
2. Prophet Liar
3. Caged Existence
4. Path Of Terror

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