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Braid are a four-piece indie/emo band from Champaign, Illinois, that formed in 1993, disbanded in 1999, reunited briefly in 2004, and have been fully active again since 2011. They are often considered one of essential 90's emo/indie band, whose name is often spoken on par with the other greats, such as Cap'n Jazz, Jawbreaker, and Texas Is The Reason. Just like those bands, what made Braid so good is that they aren't exactly like any of their contemporaries, but still fit within the same realm so seamlessly. However, one thing that especially sets Braid apart now is that they both fit in with the "classic" tag for incredibly influential albums such as Frame And Canvas, but they exist today in the same realm as the bands that have been influenced by them. They are signed to Topshelf Records, they put out a split with Balance & Composure, and have toured with the likes of Into It. Over. It. and A Great Big Pile Of Leaves. Braid's legacy has already been solidified as something of legend, and they continue to prove why they've earned that title. Braid's members have also been active in bands such as Hey Mercedes, The City On Film, and The Firebird Band, which are all also worth giving a listen to.

A few notes on their discography: Their three full-lengths from the 90's are all below here, which were released while they existed. Posthumously, they released their compilations Movie Music, Vol. 1 and Movie Music, Vol. 2, which collect most of the songs on their splits and singles, as well as the live album Lucky To Be Alive. They wouldn't release anything else until their 2011 reunion, which spawned the EP Closer To Closed, and 2014's long-awaited follow-up to Frame and Canvas, which is No Coast. The band also released a handful of splits, but so far I've only managed to find the ones with The Get Up Kids and Balance & Composure. Most of their split material is included on the aforementioned compilations, but if anyone happens to have them, I'd appreciate you sending them to me. Enjoy.

1. Angel Falls
2. Capricorn
3. Minuet
4. New Dollar Building
5. Lining Lake Michigan
6. Wax Wings
7. Garner Hall Music Room
8. Hugs From Boys
9. Three Point Turn
10. Eeyore And Easel
11. Red Dye Company
12. Summer Salt
13. X Marks The Hope Box
14. Brass Knuckle Sandwich
15. Dolores
16. Under The Influence Of Tricycle Mechanics
17. Featherweight
18. Ornamental
19. Kissy Windmill Point
20. Jane Describes John
21. Quarters
22. Interstate 57
23. Yawn London
24. Vest of Interest
25. Pipsqueak
26. Zero Frisco

1. My Baby Smokes
2. Nineteen Seventy Five
3. Divers
4. Jimmy Go Swimmer
5. Movie Clock Star
6. Eulalia Eulalia
7. Grace Car Part One
8. Harrison Ford
9. American Typewriter
10. The Chandelier Swing
11. Autobiography

1. The Get Up Kids - I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel
2. Braid - Forever Got Shorter

1. The New Nathan Detroits
2. Killing A Camera
3. Never Will Come For Us
4. First Day Back
5. Collect From Clark Kent
6. Milwaukee Sky Rocket
7. A Dozen Roses
8. Urbana's Too Dark
9. Consolation Prize Fighter
10. Ariel
11. Breathe In
12. I Keep A Diary

1. Autobiography
2. The New Nathan Detroits
3. Killing A Camera
4. Please Drive Faster
5. Forever Got Shorter
6. What A Wonderful Puddle
7. Never Will Come For Us
8. You're Lucky To Be Alive
9. Grace Car
10. A Dozen Roses
11. Breathe In
12. Milwaukee Sky Rocket
13. Divers
14. First Day Back
15. I'm Afraid Of Everything
16. The Chandelier Swing
17. Capricorn

1. Sounds Like Violence
2. Motion Light
3. Perfect Pitch
4. I'm Afraid Of Everything
5. Radish White Icicle
6. Now I'm Exhausted
7. Fire Makes The House Grow
8. Niagara
9. That Car Came Out Of Nowhere
10. (Strawberry Ann) Switzerland
11. What A Wonderful Puddle
12. First Day Back
13. Hugs From Boys
14. Forever Got Shorter
15. Please Drive Faster
16. Circus Of The Stars
17. You're Lucky To Be Alive

1. Elephant
2. Jimmy Go Swimmer
3. Eulalia, Eulalia
4. Katycat
5. Grand Theft Autumn
6. To Kiss A Trumpet Player
7. I'm Glowing And You're The Reason
8. Do You Love Coffee?
9. The Consolation Prizefighter
10. Bridge To Canada
11. Painting Nebraska
12. Collect From Clark Kent
13. Roses In The Car
14. My Life (Billy Joel cover)
15. Baby, Now That I've Found You (The Foundations cover)
16. This Charming Man (The Smiths cover)
17. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths cover)
18. Always Something There To Remind Me (Lou Johnson cover)
19. Trompe le Monde (The Pixies cover)

1. The Right Time
2. Do Over
3. You Are The Reason
4. Universe Or Worse

1. Braid - Lux
2. Braid - Many Enemies
3. Balance And Composure - You Can't Fix Me
4. Balance And Composure - Say

1. Bang
2. East End Hollows
3. No Coast
4. Damages!
5. Many Enemies
6. Pre Evergreen
7. Put Some Wings On That Kid
8. Lux
9. Doing Yourself In
10. Climber New Entry
11. Light Crisis
12. This Is Not A Revolution

1. Kids Get Grids
2. Because I Am


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