Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dead End Path

Dead End Path are a six-piece hardcore band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, that formed in 2009. They're a Triple B Records band, which should already give you a good indication as to their sound and contemporaries. They've got a hefty Discharge influence (not the d-beat part though), some very guttural vocals, and guitar breakdowns that just chug "mosh pit". Are you looking for music to wildly swing your limbs to? Here you go. That sounds sarcastic, but its not (for the most part). Dead End Path are a hardcore band, no bullshit in the mix. And that's got to be respected. Thanks to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this one, and enjoy.

1. Deliver Us...
2. Only Begotten Son
3. Day To Day
4. Turn Cold ft. Alex Russin

1. Stay Up, Stay Alive
2. Ain't Hard To Tell
3. No Paradise
4. Born Into The Grace
5. Devil's Son

1. Blind Faith
2. Never Had Heaven Ever
3. Requiem
4. End on End
5. Cathedral Bones
6. Death & Birth Of A Ghost
7. Unease
8. Between I & I
9. Skeleton Key To The Cemetery
10. Faith/Void

13. Sistine Calling

16. Nowhere Together

Note: Full comp here

1. Seance
2. Procession Light
3. Misery Kids
4. Hymns & Psalms
5. Tunnel Dark
6. Aspirate About The Chapel
7. Six Or Seven Stitches
8. Loss
9. Glass Just Raining
10. Adorn
11. Through The Church Yard

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