Sunday, 31 May 2015

Heaven In Her Arms

Heaven In Her Arms are a five-piece screamo/post-hardcore/post-rock band from Tokyo, Japan that formed in 2004. Two full-lengths and numerous splits and EP's later, Heaven In Her Arms are definitely one of the most notable Japanese hardcore bands. Perhaps the other one of most note is the one that everybody knows (and for good reason), Envy. HIHA and Envy are definitely quite similar, in more ways than just geographical location. They both craft immense songs that balance atmosphere with gripping intensity and emotional passion. There's definitely a very prominent post-rock influence, with tremolo-picked guitars, massive crescendos, and spoken monologues, but where they really peak is their dark and heavy climaxes, which are topped by some animalistic screaming. This band is highly recommended, especially if you're looking for more progressive and experimental screamo/post-rock. Pretty much all of their song and album titles were originally in Japanese, but most have English translations floating around the internet, which are below. So if you wanted the titles in Japanese, sorry about that. Thanks to the people that mentioned them in the cbox who reminded me of this amazing band, and enjoy.

1. Light To The Hope
2. Just To Find The Answer
3. Untitled
4. Owareta Kokoro
5. Bikasareta Omoi

1. A Secret Signal... Here Is...
2. Akai Yume
3. Get Out!! (Live)
4. A Secret Signal... Here Is... (Remix)
5. Akai Yume (Remix)

1. Tomato Steal - You Can't
2. Tomato Steal - Love O.G.R.2003
3. Tomato Steal - C.C.K.C.257
4. Heaven In Her Arms - Tessen to Kanaria

1. Heaven In Her Arms - The Old World Is Behind Us & The Jailors Speak Of Freedom (Ampere cover)
2. Killie - Giugno (La Quiete cover)

1. Manifesto
2. Filled Up With A Bruise
3. Intersection Arrangement
4. Iron Wire And A Canary
5. A Sublingual Tablet
6. Correlative Sign
7. Get Out
8. The Balance Drowned In A White Rub
9. Partiality Of Luminosity Eight
10. Recursive Dependency
11. Red Dream
12. Erosion Of The Black Speckle

1. Wound Dehiscence
2. 39/40
3. Rusty Trace
4. Moon Get Distorted By Cornea

1. 46x
2. Anamnesis Of Critical
3. Morbidity Of White Pomegranate
4. Jade Vine
5. Echoic Cold Wrist
6. Halcyon
7. Butterfly In Right Helicoid
8. Veritas

1. Aussitôt Mort - Une défaite à la piaule
2. Aussitôt Mort - Supraliminaire
3. Heaven In Her Arms - Lost Title/Inversion Operation

1. Heaven In Her Arms - White Night Recrystallization
2. Yumi - Empty Circle

1. Heaven In Her Arms - 黒い閃光
2. Heaven In Her Arms - 繭
3. Heaven In Her Arms - 終焉の眩しさ
4. COHOL - 不毛の地
5. COHOL - 木霊
6. COHOL - 疎外

1. 光芒の明時 / Ray of Light at Dusk
2. 月虹と深潭 / Abyss of the Moonbow
3. 赦された投身 / Forgivable Drown
4. 終焉の眩しさ / Glare of the End
5. 枷 / Chain With Fetters
6. 円環を綯う / Entangled Torus
7. 幻霧 / Turbid Fog


  1. Can you please do hotel books at one point i just find out about them and its sort of calm spoken word more or less

  2. If possible may you please do Cinema Staff and Maximum The Hormone? That would be sick. Thank you:)

  3. any way of getting hotel books that would be awesome:)

  4. any way of getting hotel books that would be awesome:)

  5. And their 3rd LP was released yesterday!
    Any chances to be uploaded?

  6. You uploaded "White Halo", thank you!!!!