Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hey Mercedes

Hey Mercedes, aka Braid Lite. Not in a bad way, of course. Hey Mercedes were a four-piece indie/alternative/emo band from both Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. After Braid broke up, three of its members (Bob Nanna, Todd Bell, and Damon Atkinson) formed Hey Mercedes in 1999, and lasted until 2005. Though this band does have a lot in common with Braid, they took the more melodic and poppy side of Braid and really emphasized it. The songs here are catchy, straight-forward, and upbeat. Nanna's distinct voice still drives the songs, and some bright guitars shimmer along with his voice. They put out two great albums that have influential in their own right, regardless of the member's previous affiliation. Enjoy.

1. Bells
2. St. James Street
3. The House Shook
4. Stay Six

1. The Frowning Of A Lifetime
2. Every Turn
3. A-List Actress
4. The Slightest Idea
5. Eleven To Your Seven
6. Que Shiraz
7. Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday
8. Haven't Been This Happy
9. What You're Up Against
10. Quit
11. Let's Go Blue

1. Our Weekend Starts On Wednesday
2. Save A Life
3. Everybody's Working For The Weak
4. Wearing A Wire/The Promise

1. Quality Revenge At Last
2. It's Been A Blast
3. Playing Your Song
4. Knowing When To Stop
5. The Boy Destroyers
6. Unorchestrated
7. Lashing Out
8. Police Police Me
9. Oh Penny
10. The Switch
11. Absolute Zero Drive
12. Go On Drone

1. Roulette Systems
2. Warm Chords
3. Own Up
4. We Lie Half The Time
5. Unorchestrated (Live)

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  1. Thank you so much, I don´t know why Hey Mercedes is not one of the most popular melodic punk bands, they´re great!