Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Broken Hearts Are Blue

Broken Hearts Are Blue were a four-piece emo/indie/punk band from Michigan that formed in 1996 and broke up in 1998, I think. To be honest, none of that is known for sure. This is one of those bands that sadly have little to no information available about them. However, there is one thing that is known without a doubt, and that is Broken Hearts Are Blue put out phenomenal album in 1996 titled The Truth About Love. It's in the vein of bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas Is The Reason, though criminally underrated relative to those bands. Each of these nine songs is fantastic (especially "Last Night's Tattoo", if I had to name one), and collectively they comprise an album I cannot recommend enough. The mystery surrounding this band only adds to the specialness of it, since they managed to write some of the most memorable songs within the realm of 90's emo, but were never unearthed like Mineral or something was. They came, they went, they stayed hidden, but they sure as hell won't be forgotten anytime soon. Their members apparently played in a few other bands, but the only one I really know of is Ordination Of Aaron, give them a try too. Enjoy.

1. Because I Am
2. Get'n Over My Sassy Self
3. Last Night's Tattoo
4. Luv Meaningless R.
5. One Blue Minute Past A Buzz
6. And Then
7. Blue Times
8. You Have Engaged Me
9. Pax Indigo


  1. They were mostly from Kalamazoo, but their drummer Derek Brosch was from the Detroit area. It was ex-Vine, Ordination of Aaron and Current. I lived in the house where they practiced briefly. Fun Times for sure.


    The Truth about Love LP has been remixed and remastered. We'll be putting is up for downloading once everything is completely finished.

  3. This is a gem ¡Astonishing album!

  4. Here is the link for the remix.

  5. Here is the link for the remix.

  6. Any chance the remix version will be pressed on vinyl? That would be amazing...

  7. My old band used to play shows with Dan's band The hidden chord, he used to tell me that the singer would come to practice and watch football with his dad rather than practice with the band haha. This was a very important record for our scene back in the 90s

  8. The band said this would be rereleased on vinyl any day now.

    1. Yep, Repeater is reissuing it with new artwork next month. Pre-orders and info can be found here: