Sunday, 21 June 2015

Burning Love

Burning Love are a four-piece punk/hardcore band from Toronto, Ontario that formed in 2007. They were started by vocalist Chris Colohan as a side-project to Cursed, who would (sadly) break up a year later, making Burning Love his main focus. He was joined by members of punk/metal band Our Father, who would also make it their main project. Together they took the relentless energy of Black Flag and meshed it with the thick riffs of bands such as Kyuss, creating a sound focused on heavy grooves and Colohan's distinct, guttural vocals. Their debut demo brought them immediate attention, and rightfully so. After two albums, numerous EP's, and signing to Deathwish, Burning Love are still going strong, and just released a new EP. Here's their full discography, except for some early demos, which can be found on Dead Pulpit, which you can find through that link. That seems to be the only place to find them, so that's where I'll leave them. Enjoy.

1. Lives Of The Saints
2. Alien Vs. Creditor
3. Money Shots
4. I Don't Like You (Battalion Of Saints cover)
5. Burning Love

1. Destroyer Of Worlds
2. Don't Ever Change
3. Momento Mori
4. Gain
5. Curse Breaker
6. Miserable Sound
7. High Speed Wires
8. Alien Vs. Creditor
9. Money Shots
10. Morning After Party
11. The Needle
12. Burning Love
13. (Bonus Track)

1. Don't Ever Change
2. Jack The Ripper (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds cover)

8. Momento Mori
9. Gain
10. Curse Breaker
11. Miserable Sound
12. Mess
13. Alien Vs, Creditor
14. Money Shots

Note: Burning Love side only, thanks to Cut & Paste

1. Karla
2. Love's My Only Crime (Laughing Hyenas cover)

1. Intro
2. No Love
3. Karla
4. Superstitious Friend
5. The Body
6. Made Out Of Apes
7. 12:31
8. Hateful Comforts
9. Tremors
10. Damage Chase
11. Pig City I
12. Pig City II
13. Broken Glass
14. (Outro)

1. Burning Love - The Body
2. Fight Amp - Shallow Grave

1. Down So Long
2. Medicine Man
3. Secret Solace

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