Thursday, 4 June 2015

Middle Class

Middle Class were a hardcore punk/post-punk band from Santa Ana, California that formed in 1978 and broke up in 1982. They are perhaps best known for their debut EP Out Of Vogue, which is often cited as being one of, if not the first "hardcore" album ever put out, along with others such as Black Flag's Nervous Breakdown and The Germs' Lexicon Devil. Unfortunately, Middle Class never gained the notoriety of many other bands that came out in that era. This is probably also partially due to their changes in sound that came quite quickly after their first EP. On 1980's Scavenged Luxury, the band shifts to post-punk, by taking influence from the punk-funk of Gang Of Four and the artful melodies of Mission of Burma. By the time their sole full-length came out, Homeland, they've evolved into a slightly more upbeat Joy Division. All their work is definitely solid, regardless of what niche it falls into. If you're looking for late 70's/early 80's punk, here you go. Also, the compilation A Blueprint For Joy features both of their two EP's in addition to demos and unreleased songs. If you want more straight-forward punk from these guys, give the compilation a listen too. Enjoy.

1. Out Of Vogue
2. You Belong
3. Situations
4. Insurgence

1. Home Is Where
2. A Blueprint For Joy
3. Last Touch
4. Introductory Rites

1. The Call
2. A Skeleton At The Feast
3. Out Of My Hands
4. Listen
5. Shaken
6. Mosque
7. Restless Young Men
8. Ritual And Deceit
9. Everything

1. Out Of Vogue
2. You Belong
3. Situations
4. Insurgence
5. Love Is Just A Tool
6. Above Suspicion
7. Archetype
8. Home Is Where
9. A Blueprint For Joy
10. Last Touch
11. Introductory Rites
12. Be Contemporary
13. Language Of Paradise
14. Love Is Just A Tool
15. No Time
16. Blue Movie
17. Red Light Sexes
18. Concession To The Enemy
19. Taken By Force
20. Failure Of All Pop
21. Misery Loves Company
22. TV Photo Life


  1. I find this something interesting post, loved this very much..

  2. thanks for this Homeland is great, made me go out and buy the vinyl.

  3. I had the "Out Of Vogue" 7" once and I then I got robbed.... S