Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Appleseed Cast

The Appleseed Cast are a four-piece emo/indie/post-rock band that originated in Southern California in 1997, thought they relocated to Lawrence, Kansas a few years later. This band's name is probably familiar to you, since they've been an incredibly influential band in the development of indie/emo music, especially for their experimentation with post-rock and atmospheric effects. Though their first two albums sound a lot like Sunny Day Real Estate or Mineral derivatives, they really came into their own skin for their most experimental albums to date, the Low Level Owl volumes. They abandoned a lot of the standard song-structures found in their earliest work in favour of long, atmospheric, passages that would blend into each other. This seamless sound was really only most prominent on these two albums. Their follow-up to it, Two Conversations, was a return to their original sound, featuring the upfront guitar sounds and prominent vocals they started with, with slight hints of their more experimental side seeping in. However, their subsequent albums found a much more balanced amount of their song-structured emo/indie rock and atmospheric, experimental post-rock, and this is the sound they are best known for. Definitely give this band a listen, there is no way you will be disappointed. Their music can be both catchy and captivating, what more could you want from a band? Enjoy.

1. Patchwork & Marigold
2. Antihero
3. On Sidewalks
4. Moment #72
5. Stars
6. December 27, 1990
7. The Last Ring
6. 16 Days
7. Dreamland
8. Portrait
9. Untitled 1/2

2. Max

1. Planes Mistaken For Stars - Staggerswallowswell
2. Race Car Riot - Broken
3. Race Car Riot - Rain Check
4. Race Car Riot - Racing California
5. The Appleseed Cast - Tale Of The Aftermath
6. The Appleseed Cast - Remedios The Beautiful

1. The Immortal Soul of Mundo Cani
2. Fishing The Sky
3. Forever Longing The Golden Sunsets
4. Mare Mortis
5. Santa Maria
6. Secret
7. ...And Nothing Less
8. Poseidon
9. Kilgore Trout
10. Storms
11. Bonus Track

1. The Waking Of Pertelotte
2. On Reflection
3. Blind Man's Arrow
4. Flowers Falling From Dying Hands
5. Messenger
6. Doors Lead To Questions
7. Steps And Numbers
8. Sentence
9. Bird Of Paradise
10. Mile Marker
11. Convict
12. A Tree For Trials
13. Signal
14. View Of A Burning City

1. View Of A Burning City (Reprise)
2. Strings
3. A Place In Line
4. Shaking Hands
5. Rooms And Gardens
6. Ring Out The Warning Bell
7. Sunset Drama King
8. The Last In A Line
9. Decline
10. The Argument
11. Reaction
12. Confession

1. E To W
2. Peril, Pts. 1, 2, And 3
3. Novice
4. Facing North
5. Take
6. State N W/K
7. House On A Hill
8. Beach Gray
9. Novice Ambient Cannibalization

4. The Spider Wall

1. Hello Dearest Love
2. Hanging Marionette
3. Ice Heavy Branches
4. Losing Touching Searching
5. Fight Song
6. Sinking
7. The Page
8. Innocent Vigilant Ordinary
9. How Life Can Turn
10. A Dream For Us

1. Ceremony
2. Woodland Hunter (Part 1)
3. Here We Are (Family In The Hallway)
4. Silas' Knife
5. Mountain Halo
6. Sunlit Ascending
7. February
8. An Orange And A Blue
9. Song 3
10. Woodland Hunter (Part 2)
11. Peregrine
12. A Fate Delivered
13. The Clock And The Storm

1. As The Little Things Go
2. A Bright Light
3. The Road West
4. The Summer Before
5. One Reminder, An Empty Room
6. Raise The Sails
7. Like A Locus (Shake Hands With The Dead)
8. South Col
9. An Army of Fireflies

1. End Frigate Constellation
2. Interlude
3. Middle States
4. Three Rivers

1. Adriatic To Black Sea
2. Great Lake Derelict
3. Simple Forms
4. Cathedral Rings
5. 30 Degrees 3am
6. Branches On The Arrow Peak Revelation
7. Barrier Islands (Do We Remain)
8. North Star Ordination
9. Clearing Life
10. Illumination Ritual


  1. Rolo Tomassi would be a great shout, their new album is insanely awesome

  2. Thank you so much! <3

  3. I really like this band! I slept on them back in the 90's. Now that I'm older it seems I have more time to catch up on forgotten hardcore bands. It's usually the other way around with my peers: less time for punkrock as we age. I traded family life for hardcore. Seems legit.