Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Knapsack were a four-piece indie/emo band from California that formed in 1993, but broke up in 2000. For their 20th anniversary in 2013, Knapsack reunited to do a few shows, and that reunion hasn't ended since. However, they have no plans to record new music, they're only touring. In some ways it's a good thing, because they released three incredible albums in their original time as a band, and those would be quite hard to top. Knapsack are one of those "essential" 90's emo/indie bands that have influenced all your current favourite bands in some way or another.

One thing in particular I love about Knapsack is the songwriting. The songs are incredibly catchy, they've written some great hooks and very memorable lyrics to back them. In addition to that, they've got some incredible dual guitar work happening. It's very subtle, and never gets too technical, but they balance out chunky rhythms and melodic lead riffs very smoothly, which is a huge attribute of this particular genre. They've got the quiet verse/loud chorus down, and simply have an  amazing dynamic range, which is to be expected from a bands with contemporaries such as Braid and The Promise Ring. To name another thing, singer Blair Shehan has a very, very distinct voice. I won't even try to describe it, just listen, you'll see what I mean. Shehan now plays in The Jealous Sound, who have made a name for themselves by their own right. Regardless, Knapsack are a definite personal favourite, and have had quite the influence on numerous bands, and definitely deserve all the attention they can get. So do yourself a favour and give this a listen, and enjoy.

1. Cellophane
2. Trainwrecker
3. Effortless
4. Fortunate And Holding
5. Casanova
6. Makeshift
7. Centennial
8. Symmetry
9. True To Form
10. Addresse
11. Silver Sweepstakes

9. Less Than

1. Thursday Side Of The Street
2. Courage Was Confused
3. Decorate The Spine
4. Diamond Mine
5. Simple Favor
6. Boxing Gloves
7. Henry Hammers Harder
8. Perfect
9. Heart Carved Tree
10. Steeper Than We Thought

1. Katherine The Grateful
2. Change Is All The Rage
3. Shape Of The Fear
4. Skip The Details
5. Cold Enough To Break
6. Arrows To The Action
7. Cinema Stare
8. Hummingbirds
9. Balancing Act
10. Please Shut Off The Lights


  1. You should put up the dropkick/stuntman 7" and the other comps their on

  2. Do you physically own this or is this just a copy paste link from other blogspots? only added to zippyshare, cause that be whack af not owning any of these released

    1. Piss off, I don't care where you get it, keep up the good work!

    2. said a dummy who only found this blog b/c he was googling for free downloads.....

  3. Great band!! Cool post!! Thx:)

  4. Great band!! Cool post!! Thx:)

  5. i highly recommend you put the jealous sounds full discog