Thursday, 25 June 2015


Desaparecidos are a five-piece post-hardcore/emo/indie/punk band from Omaha, Nebraska that was briefly active from 2001-2002, but have been back and fully formed since 2012, plus a brief reunion in 2010. Although all their members have been active in numerous other projects, it's kind of hard to ignore who's fronting this band. It's none other than Conor Oberst, who is best known for his main project, Bright Eyes (though their future is uncertain), as well as being involved in numerous other projects, such as the Mystic Valley Band, Monsters of Folk, and most recently, solo (he put out a fantastic album last year). Regardless, Desaparecidos are another amazing band to add to an already impressive resume, and quite different from any of the aforementioned. For one, they eschew the folk influence that is present in the others. This band has way more in common with fellow Saddle Creek band Cursive than they do Bright Eyes. Oberst's typical quiver is abandoned in favour of anthemic rallying cries, often resulting in screams and shouts to convey the band's overtly political message. Whether it's 2002 or 2015, they've got a bone to pick with capitalism, if you know what I mean.

On their debut, Read Music/Speak Spanish, you hear the energy of a young band in wild revolt against the Bush Administration, American nationalism, economic inequality, and the tradition of marriage and courtship. The end result that emerges is a mess of Oberst's megaphone chants over duelling guitar riffs, pounding drums, and keyboards trying to find their place among the rage. The songs are just as catchy as they are punchy, and take the listener on a train wreck that is the American Dream for 9-10 songs, depending on what version you've got.

Eight years after their debut and hiatus, they did a one-off reunion show in 2010. Two years after that though, that one-off show would prove to be the start of their actual reunion. In 2012 they began touring again, and recorded and released a slew of singles, which they put out on their website. These songs were the first new ones written and recorded since Read Music/Speak Spanish. Though the last of them was released in 2013, they were also included on 2015's Payola, which is just what we've finally been graced with. This is their long-awaited sophomore album, which features 6 previously released tracks, and 8 new ones. Needless to say, Desaparecidos have become much more refined since 2002, and it certainly shows. After a few years of playing together under their belt, they're tighter than ever going into this new album. The vocals are a little cleaner, the instrumentation a little more together, the songs seem more worked through, and yet, the band feels looser now than they did. And I mean this in a good way, of course. They sound like they're having a bit of fun with it, and have taken the angst level down a bit. Having said that, the anger is certainly not good. They still remain a politically-focused force, and mention a slew of relevant issues that have emerged more and more since their debut. Enough rambling, here you go.

1. The Happiest Place On Earth
2. What's New For Fall
3. Give Me The Pen

1. What's New For Fall
2. Man And Wife, The Former (Financial Planning)
3. Manana
4. Greater Omaha
5. Man And Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods)
6. Mall Of America
7. The Happiest Place On Earth
8. Survival of The Fittest/It's A Jungle Out There
9. $$$$
10. Hole In One

11. Popn' Off At The F

1. The Left Is Right
2. The Underground Man
3. City On The Hill
4. Golden Parachuters
5. Radicalized
6. MariKKKopa
7. Te Amo Camila Vallejo
8. Ralphy's Cut
9. Backsell
10. Slacktivist
11. Search The Searches
12. 10 Steps Behind
13. Von Maur Massacre
14. Anonymous


  1. Have to give you some feedback for your exceptional work, which not only provides access to great music but to the stories behind those bands and experiments.

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  4. I saw them opening for Brand New at Meadowbrook in Michigan. I think they had some technical issues because it was super loud, but they were still pretty good. City On The Hill was very energetic too

  5. Despite being a huge fan of black and death metal bands, this band name offends me the most. I would love to see these guys come to South America with a name like that, fucking disgusting.

  6. Thank you so much Kevin. You are awesome, man