Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Wristmeetrazor - I talk to god... PREMIERE

I'm happy to announce the premiere of this new 7" from Virginia's Wristmeetrazor. This band got their start earlier this year with the release of a fantastic demo, and are now back with this new 7". I talk to god... is the the first of a double 7" EP being released through Zegema Beach Records, a fantastic Canadian-based label who have put out a slew of incredible screamo releases. This new Wristmeetrazor EP is a fantastic addition, containing 4 tracks of screamo/emo violence influenced by the likes of Neil Perry, Hassan I Sabbah, Raein, and Mihai Edrisch. The second 7", ...but the sky is empty, is slated for release later this year, along with a physical pressing. They're also playing a couple shows at the end of this month, so if you're in the area, I'd suggest checking them out. Highly, highly recommended. Enjoy!

1. 1716
2. Razorwire Bouquet
3. Nothing Gold Can Stay
4. This Summer's Sorrow

Upcoming Shows:
September 28th in Tallahassee, FL @ 926 Bar and Grill
September 29th in Houston, TX @ White Swan
September 30th in San Antonio, TX @ Hope for Shelter III


Zegema Beach Records:


  1. Please get the other ...but the sky is empty. I neeed it.


  2. I need their Misery Never Forgets LP, do you have It?