Monday, 11 September 2017


Burn are a four-piece hardcore band from New York that formed in 1989. This band's got a pretty intriguing history, especially considering their debut full-length is only now coming out (in 2017). Burn went through a handful of members in its nearly 30-year on-and-off run as a band, some of which were involved in other notable projects such as Quicksand, Glassjaw, Inside Out, 108, and Orange 9mm.

During their initial run, which lasted from 1989 to approximately 1992, the band only released one EP, a self-titled one on Revelation Records. Though it is a classic NYHC release, this is all the band would ever put out in their first era. A decade later, the band reformed in 2001. They released the long-awaited follow-up EP to Burn, as well as another EP the following year containing demos recorded in 1992. Now there EP's and over ten years into their time as a band, another decade would pass until the next EP dropped, which yielded 2016's aptly-titled From The Ashes, on Bridge 9. Now, in September 2017, Burn's debut full-length album is out, Do or Die, on Deathwish Records. This is a fantastic listen and some of my most highly recommended hardcore albums to drop this year. Enjoy.

1. ...Shall Be Judged
2. Godhead
3. Drown
4. Out Of Time

1. Cleanse
2. Strata
3. Melt-Meta-Growth
4. The Bait
5. Disgraces
6. Decay

1. New Morality
2. Tales of Shatou
3. Last Great Sea

1. Novelist (Drums of War)
2. You Cant Stop Me
3. We Don't Stand A Chance

1. Fate
2. Ill Together
3. Flame Together
4. Beauty
5. Dead Identity
6. Do or Die
7. Last Great Sea
8. New Morality
9. Unfuck Yourself
10. Climb Out


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  3. anyone got the two songs on their "Mountain" 7"?