Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Q And Not U

Q And Not U were a three-piece (originally a four-piece) post-hardcore band from Washington, DC that formed in 1998 and broke up in 2005. They released all their material through Dischord Records, and are one of many amazing bands on their roster. Their debut LP, No Kill No Beep Beep is an absolute classic, and their only release as a four-piece. The band plays these off-kilter, dissonant rhythms, with strong melodic vocals and oddly dance-able beats. It's a very unique, jagged sound, that kisses distinctly Q And Not U. They released two follow-ups as a three-piece (two guitarists, no bassist) that continued down the dance-post-punk goodness. Essential post-hardcore right here, enjoy.

1. And The Washington Monument Blinks Goodnight (Version)
2. Busy Lights Busy Carpet
3. Kiss Distinctly American (Version)

1. A Line In The Sand
2. End The Washington Monument (Blinks) Goodnight
3. Fever Sleeves
4. Hooray For Humans
5. Kiss Distinctly American
6. We Heart Our Hive
7. Little Sparkee
8. The More I Get The More I Want
9. Y Plus White Girl
10. Nine Things Everybody Knows
11. Sleeping The Terror Code

1. Ten Thousand Animal Calls
2. Soft Pyramids (Version)

1. Soft Pyramids
2. So Many Animal Calls
3. Air Conditions
4. Black Plastic Bag
5. Meet Me In The Pocket
6. This Are Flashes
7. Everybody Ruins
8. Snow Patterns
9. When The Lines Go Down
10. O'No
11. No Damage Nocture
12. Recreation Myth

1. X-Polynation (Version)
2. Book Of Flags (Version)

1. Wonderful People
2. 7 Daughters
3. L.A.X.
4. Throw Back Your Head
5. Wet Work
6. District Night Prayer
7. Collect The Diamonds
8. Beautiful Beats
9. Dine
10. X-Polynation
11. Passwords
12. Book Of Flags
13. Tag-Tag


  1. I will always love Q and Not U... They were a big influence in my youth, I'd listened No Kill No Beep Beep for hours before going skateboarding. Yes :D

  2. I'd like to request a post about the band Soccer Team, I can't find their 1st album on a blog anywhere