Saturday, 16 September 2017


Evergeen were a three-piece emo/post-hardcore band from Southern California that were around for approximately 1993-1997. They were among many amazing bands to come out of that area and era who helped pioneer emo. Though they're often associated with Gravity Records, they actually only put one 7" out with them. They were also closely related to bands like Still Life and Antioch Arrow, though sonically they had more in common with The Hated. Their output was limited, yet fantastic. Below is everything they put out. Enjoy.

1. Still Life - Barriers
2. Evergreen - 250 Dollar Losers
3. Evergreen - Bully Rag

1. A Couple Curled Up Pictures
2. Making Fun Of Your First Love
3. Moustache
4. Eric And The Digger
5. This Letter To Kim
6. ...Home, So Possibly, Home
7. Laugh At Every Question

1. Trudy Pushpin
2. The Water Song
3. Shoulder

1. Freight Trains And Windsongs
2. Glad Hand
3. Prainer The VIII

Forced Fed Ed
My Irish Lady