Thursday, 14 September 2017

Pop Unknown

Pop Unknown are a five-piece emo/indie band from Austin, Texas that were originally around from 1999 to 2002, though they have played reunion shows in 2009 and 2014. Notably, their original drummer was Gabe Wiley formed Mineral, who started this band just after their initial break-up. However, Pop Unknown made a name for themselves, putting out some fantastic music of their own, mostly through Deep Elm Records. They expanded on the underground "emo" sound that had evolved through the 90's, and added in some progressive punk influence of their own. This band has been getting a ton of requests, so I figured I'd finally throw them on here. Keep in mind there are some splits, compilation tracks, and a demo missing, but both full-lengths and their EP are here, as well as one compilation appearance (which is beyond amazing, I might add). Enjoy.

1. Writing It Down For You

1. Follow You
2. This Guy's Ready For Bed
3. Your Own Personal Wedding
4. Ink & Paper
5. Tipping The Scale

1. Head In The Sand
2. Half Of Ninety
3. An Offering
4. Last To Know
5. Lonely Here With Me
6. Tattoo Your Image (On The World)
7. Fallen Star
8. Hanging On A Thread
9. Perfect In Venice
10. Oh Hay
11. Forward Rewind

1. Another Holiday
2. The Invisible Complex
3. As God And Everest
4. Hydroplane
5. Whatnot
6. B-Sides
7. Morphine
8. Contact
9. The Next Big Thing
10. In Spite Of
11. Still In Monochrome
12. Outro

1. That Was Then
2. First Crush Untitled Track
3. Alexander Supertramp
4. Sunday Gone

Note: Thanks to Michael. Misc. tracks from various releases

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