Monday, 25 September 2017

Sinai Vessel

Sinai Vessel are an indie/emo band from North Carolina that got started in 2009 as a solo project, but soon expanded into the three-piece they are today. Despite being their many years together, their activity has been pretty sporadic. In fact, their second full-length just came out earlier this year on Tiny Engines. Without a doubt this is one of the highlight "emo" albums of the year (if you could call it that). The band takes a very mature approach to songwriting, with some hard-hitting, vulnerable lyrics, a heavy use of dynamics, and strong melodies. It's tough to draw comparisons to other bands, although I'd be willing to be Pedro The Lion is a big influence on these guys. I can't recommend Brokenlegged enough. Enjoy.

1. Venture
2. Wisteria
3. Heels Of Lions
4. Untitled
5. Vows
6. Yet Lovely
7. The Submariner
8. Parturition

1. Portion Of The Whole [Demo]

1. Cats
2. Greatham
3. Cuckold
4. Drown Around
5. Flannery
6. Index On The Oval

1. Dowsing - Cutoff (Blades, Blades, Blades, & Even More Blades)
2. The Cardboard Swords - How I Met Your Dragon Mother
3. Long Knives - Thaw
4. Sinai Vessels - I Quit The Choir

1. Looseleaf
2. Ramekin
3. Laughlin
4. Down With The Hull
5. Dogs
6. Birthblood
7. Died On My Birthday
8. Cork Of Worry

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  1. I kind of missed the boat on you returning, but I'm glad to see you're back