Sunday, 3 September 2017

No Omega

Yes, I'm alive. Not dead or doing porn (among other stranger speculations). I've had this post sitting in "drafts" for over four months. I figured it's only fitting to make it the first one up after an unexpected hiatus for an unexpectedly long time. Sorry it's been so long, but I am back (hopefully for good). Expect to see new posts often, and I've been updating old ones with all the new releases I've missed.

No Omega are a four-piece hardcore/screamo band from Sweden that formed in 2010. Since then, they've released a fantastic stream of dark, melodic, modern hardcore with a tinge of screamo influence. Their most recent release, Culture (featuring hit single "Bad and Boujee"), is nothing short of fantastic, and fans of bands like Touché Amoré, Killing The Dream, More Life, Converge, Birds in Row, and Loma Prieta will undoubtedly dig this. Definitely one of my highly recommended hardcore releases of the year. Enjoy.

1. Ravens Fair
2. Constants
3. The Design
4. Ett Hjarta Svart
5. Relations (demo/bonus track)

1. Lives Worth
2. Breathe
3. Blunt Knives
4. Heavy Rain
5. Heartless And Cold
6. Rot
7. Harbinger
8. Metropolis
9. Eight Year Dream

1. Below (Single Version)
2. Not A Place

1. Earth Stands Still
2. Vacants
3. Sleeping In
4. Below
5. Woodlands Pt. 1
6. Utopianist
7. Dirt Hands
8. Engima
9. V (Control)
10. A Man Reprieved
11. Woodlands Pt. 2
12. Shame (Bonus Track)

1. Passing
2. Staying
3. Man/Monster
4. Takers
5. Comfort

1. Culture
2. Phobia
3. Misgiving
4. Autoimmune
5. Cogs
6. Agora
7. Unsociable
8. Within, Without
9. Contortion
10. Safe


  1. Kevin we missed u, thanks for coming back.

  2. Glad to have you back! Always find great things I've overlooked and reminded of wonderful things I forgot. Also, I'm totally calling the "Great" Doctor Omoluyi!!!!

  3. Check out slow hollows, they'd fit in nicely here. Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back! You were dearly missed!

  5. Hey glad you're back. You didnt happen to find the guy from cut and paste during your hiatus did you?

  6. Glad you're back! I had concerns since I hadn't seen you post in a while, but it's great to have you back. Thank you for all that you do :)

  7. personally i'm very back you're back to post again. Hope you can continue to share music for a long time

  8. first back must be replace with an happy

  9. Nice!! Welcome back!
    We missed you!

  10. Glad to have you back kev! You've been missed

  11. There was also a No Omega that feature Chris Terry from Light the Fuse and Run on vocals. Don't remember much other than that.