Monday, 4 September 2017

Dad Thighs

Dad Thighs are a five-piece emo/screamo band from Vancouver, British Columbia who have been around since 2013. Earlier this year they put out an incredible album, The Ghosts That I Fear, which is a highlight emo release this year. Dad Thighs incorporate sing-spoken vocals, noodly guitar work and screamo-tinged sad jams to construct some breath-of-fresh-air emo. This is highly, highly recommended, especially for fans of a lot of other shit that's been posted on this blog. Enjoy.

1. Mount Pleasant Dream
2. Living Stone
3. Vindicated (Dashboard Confessional Cover)

1. Karate Kids - Sel d'Apprêt
2. Karate Kids - N3O
3. Karate Kids - Nice Cancer
4. Karate Kids - Linda II
5. Dad Thighs - Mount Pleasant Dream
6. Dad Thighs - Weekday Girl
7. Dad Thighs - Left My Heart In Langley
8. Dad Thighs - Livingstone

1. I'm Not Playing Until Seth Leaves
2. Going To The Dump To Watch The Bears Parts 1 And 2
3. The Rain It Raineth
4. Mountain Dew
5. Of Summer
6. My Favourite Valentine/Sometimes
7. The Middle (Jimmy Eat World Cover)
8. Left My Heart In Langley

1. Going To The Dump To Watch The Bears part one
2. Going To The Dump To Watch The Bears part two
3. Regarding The Walmart Parking Lot on 88th Street
4. The Rain It Raineth
5. Every Day
6. Of Summer
7. My Favourite Valentine
8. The Shadow That Desires Is Left With Nothing But A Relic Of Someone Else's Dreams
9. Sometimes

1. graveyards
2. mutually exclusive
3. stimulus progression
4. sometimes underwater

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