Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Carlisle were a five-piece screamo band from Orlando, Florida that were initially around from 1996-1999 (approximately, not 100% sure on that). They played an intense yet oddly catchy and melodic style of screamo that is truly unique to them. Pop punk-influenced screamo doesn't really seem like a good description, but I can't think of any other way to explain it. Just listen. During their initial existence, they only released two 7"'s and put out a handful of songs on various compilations. In 2006, a full discography album was released, containing 8 newly recorded songs by the band, in addition to all their previously released material and a handful of demo tracks. Enjoy.

1. Ramsees
2. Regoddamndiculous
3. Indomenudoscooter
4. Plasma Cow
5. Forrest In The Darkness
6. New Brunswick
7. Take Out Temper Tools
8. Piggy Wiggly
9. Man Sized Squirrel
10. Golden El Camino
11. Mexican Wave
12. Waffle Head
13. Parts
14. Black Bear
15. Names
16. Unemployed
17. Ghetto Fabulous
18. Brair Camel
19. Betty Page
20. Jungle Bugs
21. Apt 213
22. Starvin Marvin
23. Negrotiations
24. Black Elf Pazort
25. Fuzzy Bunnies

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