Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Slingshot Dakota

Slingshot Dakota are a two-piece indie/emo band from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that formed in 2003. They were started by Carly Comando, who was the vocalist and keyboard player, along with two other former members of Latterman. By 2006, those two members had been replaced by drummer Tom Patterson, who has been the group's second half ever since. They've got the indie/pop energy (and similar line-up) of Matt and Kim, the emo/indie sensibility of major influence Rainer Maria, and somehow fit in with modern bands such as Tigers Jaw. Essentially, Slingshot Dakota have a fairly wide appeal. It's hard not to like a band that feeds off of great songs with catchy choruses, amazing vocals, and a drum/keyboard mix. They've put out their last two full-lengths with Topshelf, which should be a blatant indication that they're one of the best bands around. Enjoy.

1. Lost Notes And Seared Hopes
2. A Glance Backwards And Forwards
3. It Wouldn't Be
4. I'll Leave The Toasts To The Bartender
5. Knights Of Nine
6. Best Friend
7. Throwing Darts
8. Application For Our Lucky Day
9. Friday Afternoon
10. Don't Forget To Stretch First

1. The Golden Ghost
2. Until The Day I Die
3. Ohio!
4. South 1st
5. I-78
6. Wave
7. Let Go
8. Until The Day I Die, Part 2
9. Tour Song
10. Lullaby

1. White Couch
2. Michael Jordan Saved My Life
3. Waiting Room (Fugazi cover)

1. Intro
2. May Day
3. Gossip
4. Disaster
5. Rasta Bacca
6. Never Hear
7. Starting Over
8. Light
9. Living/Dreaming
10. Cassette
11. Words
12. Good Year

1. Lions - Man Overboard
2. Invalids - Lemmings
3. Tir Asleen - Wendy Clear
4. Dads - Adam's Song
5. Slingshot Dakota - Stay Together For The Kids
6. We'll Die Smiling - Dammit

1. Pet Symmetry - Potted Plant Meets Vintage Amp: A Katherine Grube Love Story
2. Slingshot Dakota - Rise (Rainer Maria Cover)

1. You
2. Monocacy
3. Lewlyweds
4. Stay
5. Doreen
6. Paycheck
7. Too Much
8. Storytellers
9. Break


  1. thank you! saw them in a basement and they kicked ass

  2. Does anyone have a Link for Slingshot Dakota - Rise (Rainer Maria Cover).Link here is gone.