Friday, 11 March 2016

Ghosts And Vodka

Ghosts And Vodka were a four-piece instrumental indie/emo band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 1998 and broke up in 2001. They were formed by previous Cap'n Jazz members Victor Villareal and Sam Zurick, who both played guitar, along with bassist Erik Bocek and drummer Scott Shellhamer. Ghosts And Vodka played an intricate style of music that borders on math rock at times because of its technical complexity, but they still manage to stay jangly and melodic, which makes for the perfect counter. They only released one album and one EP, both of which were compiled on Addicts And Drunks in 2003, along with an additional song. Ghosts And Vodka ended in 2001 since Villareal and Zurick wanted to focus on their new project with the Kinsellas, which turned out to be Owls. They attempted a reunion in 2009, but only made it through a few practices before scrapping the idea. As great as that would have been, we still have this one great album from them, and one that is quite underrated in comparison to the rest of the Cap'n Jazz clan. Enjoy.

1. Andrea Loves Horses
2. It's All About Right Then
3. Good Luck With Your Multiple Personalities
4. Laser Guided By God
5. Futuristic Genitalia
6. Sex Is Popular
7. Hot Dot Above, Tan Man Below
8. Is That A Person?
9. Four Red Brains
10. Conversational All-Stars
11. Mechanical Bull Rider
12. Nicholas Prefers Dinosaurs
13. Cowboys And Sailors
14. Doo Dee Doo Dee Do
15. Stoli On The Rocks
16. Bizarre Funeral