Saturday, 5 March 2016

Death Index

Death Index are a two-piece post-punk band that were formed in 2015 by Carson Cox, who is best known as being a member of Tampa band Merchandise. Death Index take a much more noisy and abrasive approach compared to Cox's main project, though some of Merchandise's earliest work does have some sonic similarities. Death Index just put out their debut full-length on Deathwish, and it's definitely a worthy addition to an already amazing roster. The LP is defined by a dark atmosphere with some sharp guitar tones and drums covered in so much reverb that they almost sound tribal. They knock out 10 great songs in under 25 minutes, so it's definitely a fast-paced listen that's certainly worth your time. Enjoy.

1. Fast Money Kill
2. Dream Machine
3. The Meal
4. Fuori Controllo
5. Fup
6. Little 'N' Pretty
7. Lost Bodies
8. We've Got A Number
9. JFK
10. Patto Con Dio


  1. i recommend you check out delta sleep if you haven't already :)

  2. Thank you very much for uploading music so difficult to find, my habit is to visit your site every day.