Monday, 14 March 2016


Lemuria are a three-piece indie rock/punk band from Buffalo, New York that formed in 2004. Without a doubt, they are one of my favourite bands around now. They write some of the catchiest songs, with great riffs and irresistible hooks matched with the energy of a punk band and the lightheartedness of a pop band. The dual male-female vocals of guitarist Sheena Ozzella and drummer Alex Kerns work perfectly together as counter-dynamics to each other, but also can easily stand on their own for entire songs. As far as their influences go, think of any great 90's alternative rock band, whether it be Superchunk or The Breeders; Lemuria take that foundation and make it their own to craft some amazing songs to define both this decade and the one before it.

The band has an extensive catalogue, with a ton of great splits and three stellar full-lengths, with their debut Get Better probably being the standout. That album consists of twelve perfect tracks that can be played over, and over, and over again and only "get better" with each listen. This band is at the top of my recommendations list for just straight-up good music that could appeal to tons of people regardless of their personal taste. Lemuria have also worked with a ton of amazing labels, including Alex Kern's own Art Of The Underground, Asian Man, and are currently signed to Bridge 9, who are most well-known for their roster of amazing hardcore bands. Here's as much of their discography as I've been able to accumulate over the years, it's near-complete, though if there's anything potentially missing I'd be grateful if you could send it to me. Enjoy.

1. Getting Over Ourselves
2. Searching For Contrition
3. Hey, I'm Over Here
4. An Attempt To Think About You
5. Let's Think About What Just Happened

1. The Ergs! - Introducing Morrissey
2. The Ergs! - Hey Jealousy
3. Lemuria - Little Silver Children
4. Lemuria - Clean

1. Hours
2. Lick Your Lips
3. Bugbear
4. Rough Draft
5. Keep Quiet
6. Bristles And Whiskers
7. Sophomore
8. In A World Of Ghosts...
9. Who Would Understand A Turtle
10. Bee Spit
11. The Origamists Too
12. It's Not A Lie, It's A Secret
13. Bookworm
14. The Origamists
15. Home For The Holidays
16. Piranha
17. Trivial Greek Mythology
18. The Origamists II

1. Pants
2. Yesterday's Lunch
3. Lipstick
4. Buzz
5. Wardrobe
6. Length Away
7. Dog
8. Dogs
9. Get Some Sleep
10. Hawaiian T-Shirt
11. Fingers
12. Mechanical

1. Ozzy
2. Expert Herder

1. Lemuria - Alec Eiffel (The Pixies cover)
2. Off With Their Heads - Scarred By Love (Nobodys cover)

1. Getting Over Ourselves
2. Searching For Contrition
3. Hey, I'm Over Here
4. An Attempt To Think About You
5. Let's Think About What Just Happened
6. Muzzle Your Wisdom
7. An Attempt To Think About You [Alternate Version]
8. Little SIlver Children
9. Clean
10. Alec Eiffel [Pixies cover]
11. Mechanical [Live Version]
12. Pants [Pink Couch Session]

Note: Unofficial compilation

1. Lemuria - Single Mother
2. Lemuria - Lemons
3. Cheap Girls - Pure Hate

1. Gravity
2. Wise People
3. Pleaser
4. Yellowstone Lady
5. Irregular
6. Ribcage
7. Different Girls
8. Bloomer
9. Durian
10. Chautauqua County
11. The One

1. Varoom Allure
2. Cannonballs To Hurt

1. Brilliant Dancer
2. Helloing

1. Michael And Stephen Moon
2. Brilliant Dancer
3. Clay Baby
4. Scienceless
5. Paint The Youth
6. Dream Eater
7. Oahu, Hawaii
8. Chihuly
9. Baffling Situations
10. Public Opinion Bath
11. Congratulations Sex
12. Survivor's Guilt
13. Ruby

1. Christine Perfect
2. Foggy Smoke
3. Courtesy Mercedes


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