Friday, 4 March 2016


Mohinder were a post-hardcore band that from Cupertino, California that formed in 1993 and broke up in 1994. They came, they went, they conquered, like many of their Californian contemporaries Antioch Arrow, Indian Summer, Heroin, Portraits Of Past, the list goes on. In a very brief amount of time, the band released a handful of EP's that would be compiled later on years after they had called it quits on the aptly titled Everything. Mohinder worked with Gravity Records, like the aforementioned Antioch Arrow and Heroin. This should give you an idea of both how good they are and how influential they've been. They were an incredibly intense act, playing manic bursts of dissonant aggression that can end as quickly as they begin. Their discography consists of 18 frenzied tracks that are an assault on the ears in the best way possible. Mohinder are easily one of the most highly recommend bands I could name for anyone remotely interested in their little niche, so do enjoy.

1. To Satisfy
2. Run
3. Give
4. Inhuman Nature
5. Numb
6. Of Sound Mind
7. 101
8. Number One
9. Imbalance
10. Itch
11. Expiration
12. Beautiful
13. The Static Cult
14. Mission
15. Acceptance
16. Division
17. One Warrior
18. Alien

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