Wednesday, 9 March 2016

LSD And The Search For God

Like Pinkshinyultrablast last month, here's another band who disappeared for a few years and then suddenly re-emerged with a new album. There's just a much bigger gap this time, and their first EP is easily one of the most renowned in the past decade of its genre.

LSD And The Search For God are a seven-piece shoegaze/dream pop band from San Francisco, California that formed in 2005. After some extensive touring, they released a five-song self-titled EP in 2007, which quickly developed a reputation over the following years. It's dreamy atmosphere is the closest thing to euphoria that doesn't involve a pill or an orgasm. The tones and textures of the guitars ebb and flow like paint on a palate, and add a unique blend of colour to the male-female vocal harmonies that float through each of these songs. The obvious namedrop comparisons are there (see: My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, etc.), though LSD And The Search For God really managed to craft an EP that featured influence, but not derivation. Thus why it's held in such high regard, because it managed to define a genre that all too often falls into the death trap of carbon copy sound alikes.

After some rigid touring and numerous "will they won't they" moments, LSD finally released their follow-up EP, Heaven Is a Place in January of this year, nine years after their debut. The band essentially picks up where they left off, with some slicker production and some poppier elements. Though perhaps not as monumental as their debut, LSD certainly delivers a respectable follow-up album. Overall, LSD And The Search For God are a solid band for anyone looking for shoegaze music that is not straight out of the Creation Records roster, or just looking for a more modern take on the genre. Either way, that first EP is a must, and the second a solid response of fresh songs. Enjoy.

1. This Time
2. I Don't Care
3. Backwards
4. Starting Over
5. Starshine

1. Heaven
2. (I Don't Think That We Should) Take It Slow
3. Outer Space (Long Way Home)
4. Elizabeth
5. Without You


  1. Sophie could i recommend The Ar Kaics, garage punk shoegaze band from virginia including members from the now defunct city of caterpillar

  2. Could I suggest a upcoming Singaporean shoegaze/dream pop band called Subsonic Eye. They have a EP and another one coming up in the next few months.