Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Gaza were a five-piece (and eventually four-piece) hardcore/metalcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah that started in 2004 and ended in 2013. In their nine years as a band, they released three full-length albums, and one EP, East. All their albums are absolute forces on their own. They take influence from all the greats who came just before them, such as Botch, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Fuck The Facts, and push the aggression and technical prowess a notch forward. Gaza's deep, guttural vocals are the loudspeaker in which to convey their very political agenda, and the sludgy, heavy, chaotic, and punishing riffs are the orchestra to accompany their mission statements.

There's really not much else to say, all three albums are essential recommendations for anyone looking for the dark, heavy, and chaotic side of hardcore. Three of the band's members also now play in Cult Leader, who put out a phenomenal record last year. That's definitely also recommended, and already on here, so get on that if you haven't yet. Enjoy.

1. Kasam Rocket
2. Femur
3. East
4. Hospital
5. Cattle
6. Gristle

1. Calf
2. I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die
3. Hospital Fat Bags
4. Gristle
5. Sire
6. Slutmaker
7. Hell Crown
8. Moth
9. Cult
10. Pork Finder
11. Untitled Track

1. How It Is. How It's Going To Be.
2. The Kicking Legs
3. Bishop
4. The Biologist
5. Windowless House
6. He Is Never Coming Back
7. Canine Disposal Unit
8. The Anthropologist
9. The Meat Of A Leg Joint
10. The Astronomer
11. Tombless
12. The Historian
13. Carnivore

1. Mostly Hair And Bones Now
2. This We Celebrate
3. The Truth Weighs Nothing
4. Not With All The Hope In The World
5. The Vipers
6. No Absolutes In Human Suffering
7. The Crown
8. When They Beg
9. Winter In Her Blood
10. Skull Trophy
11. Routine And Then Death


  1. http://dark-world.ru/go/12e310e90f1af15


  2. great band, great addition to the blog. 'no absolutes' is my favorite, but every release is brutal.

  3. i haven't heard the rest of their discography but their 2nd album reminds me of a sludgier full of hell

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  5. Their vocalist is a rapist, hence why they broke up

    1. ^where is your Proof? that is a heavy allegation to be throwing around. it is No different than myself saying the local guys in the state Penn.enjoy YOUR visits because No one tosses a salad- better than YOU.

    2. There were allegations years ago by some feminist. Ironically, she accused him of rape shortly after they had marched at some feminist rally together. I believe the allegations turned out to be false—she was just looking for some attention.