Wednesday, 25 March 2015

In My Eyes

In My Eyes were a five-piece straight edge hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts that was around from 1997-2000. They take obvious influence from early 80's DC hardcore bands, especially since they derive their name from a Minor Threat song and do a cover of a song by The Faith. In My Eyes were major in late 90's hardcore, youth crew, and straight edge scenes. Along with bands such as Ten Yard Fight and Reach The Sky, they were kind of like the second coming of bands like Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits that dominated a decade before. In My Eyes and co. were also seminal influences for some of the 2000's best hardcore punk, such as Have Heart. Both of their albums are essential, so check it out and enjoy.

1. Intro
2. This Is Our Time
3. Courage To Care
4. Out Of My Hands
5. Lasting Values
6. Built On Trust
7. Actions Fall Short
8. In(My Eyes)tro
9. Lasting Values (Live)
10. A Little Too Late (Live)
11. Out Of My Hands (Live)
12. Built On Trust (Live)
13. My Reply (Live)

1. The Way It Was Left
2. The K.O.S.T.
3. Advice Taken?
4. Lasting Values
5. Through The Motions
6. Actions Fall Short
7. Difference Between
8. In(My Eyes)tro/This Is Our Time
9. My Reply
10. A Little Too Late
11. Courage To Care
12. Overlooked
13. Conversation Drifts 

1. Take The Risk
2. For The Moment
3. Nothing To Hide
4. Can't Live Through Me
5. Perspective
6. Making Sense
7. Welcome To Boston
8. On My Side
9. What's Wrong With Me? (The Faith cover)
10. The Big Day
11. Another Way
12. The Weight Of Words

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