Friday, 27 March 2015


Shizune are a five-piece screamo/post-hardcore band from Lonigo, Italy. Since 2012, they've been releasing some of the best screamo around now. They continue what bands like Raein and La Quiete have been doing, which is making incredibly visceral, but technically proficient, emotional hardcore. They are the definition of "beauty in chaos", by driving melodic guitars through blasts of drum beats and scorching vocals. Their latest release, Le Voyageur Imprudent is easily one of, if not the best screamo/post-hardcore records you're going to hear all year, so get on this now. Their back catalogue is equally impressive, with numerous albums to their name that pummel through emotional excruciation that never ceases to demand attention. Plus, Shizune work with two of the best record labels out there, Driftwood Records and Dog Knights Productions, which are both worth looking into. Not only for their impressive roster, but to support them as much as they support some of the best bands out there now. Enjoy.

1. Petit déjeuner en enfer
2. ok...anywhere, but not in 秋葉原
3. Kairos
4. Redshift
5. Days of Væstena
6. shit, I need more RAM!
7. Weekend at Lake Vostok

1. Kamchatka
2. HAARP connections
3. Dyatlov Pass Incident, Холат-Сяхыл
4. MONØLITH: Fall of Nibiru
5. Plague doctor

1. Minus Tree - never walk on a frozen lake
2. Shizune - souvenirs d'éternité
3. Shizune - in memoria di nessuno

1. Things Fall Apart - Everyday Takes Me Further from You
2. Things Fall Apart - Virginia Woolf
3. Tall Ships Set Sail - Pizza Donut
4. Tall Ships Set Sail - Filet of Fish
5. Infro - 嘘の鏡と真実の悪魔
6. Infro - モドラナイ
7. Shizune - An appointment with Richard Harrison
8. Shizune - March blizzard in Rostov na Donu

1. Kamchatka
2. souvenirs d'éternité
3. Redshift
4. Petit déjeuner en enfer
5. amaritudinis (il mostro)- I movimento
6. Days of Væstena
7. March blizzard in Rostov na Donu
8. Kairos
9. HAARP connections
10. ok...anywhere, but not in 秋葉原
11. Dyatlov Pass Incident, Холат-Сяхыл
12. MONØLITH- Fall of Nibiru
13. Weekend at Lake Vostok
14. An appointment with Richard Harrison
15. shit, I need more RAM!
16. Plague doctor
17. in memoria di nessuno

1. Aestheticism
2. Notes of decay
3. Un telefono che non squilla
4. Sputnik! nostalgia
5. Vesper
6. Immortel et Impérissable
7. Senza luce
8. Orienteering in Aokigahara青木ヶ原
9. Difficile da capire, impossibile da spiegare
10. Instructions for inertia

1. the dreamers sleep on concrete
2. dance dance dance
3. lentiggini
4. take her to takamatsu toonice
5. per stare al passo coi tempi ho perso tutti di vista
6. dead all day, rodeo tonight!
7. espiazione del moratorium
8. je veux que la mort me trouve plantant mes choux
9. kathmandu
10. always separate the drugs

1. Shizune - greg e a roppongi con john macAfee
2. Shizune - occhiaie metafisiche
3. Lytic - Greener Grass
4. Lytic - All Bleeding Stops Eventually
5. Lytic - Lugenpresse

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