Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Malady were a screamo/post-hardcore band from Virginia that formed in 2004 and ended in 2005. They are most known for being the band that members of pg.99 and City of Caterpillar formed after both bands broke up. Despite coming immediately after the aforementioned bands, they had already shown drastic signs of progression. Malady isn't quite as quick and chaotic as pg.99, but not as drawn-out and dynamic as City of Caterpillar. Malady played fairly straight-forward hardcore punk, though it did still dwell within the darker sounds of the genre. The guitars are sharp, and pierce through these 8 scorching songs with a sense of melody that is constantly eschewed by noise. The rolling drums throw the band into different directions, and the vocals sound worn, but just as passionate as any of their previous bands. Their sole album, put out by Level Plane Records, is incredible for a band with an existence as short as theirs. It's unfortunate they didn't do more, but to compensate, Pygmy Lush was the next major band that came out of the pg.99 clan, so that definitely does even things out.

Below is their sole LP, and if you want to hear an early practice tape, plus some stuff that would later become Verse En Coma (another short-lived pg.99-family project), check them out on Robotic Obscurities. Enjoy.

Update: The Archivist is finally giving this incredible album a proper online release. I've been asked to remove the download link, but you can still grab this classic over at their Bandcamp (which is now linked below), or any of the streaming platforms listed here. You can also get more info about The Archivist there, and should have no problem finding a place to give this a listen, as well as your support if you can.

1. Tongue
2. Yeah
3. Well Again
4. The World is a Tomb
5. Bad Life
6. Heroine
7. Said Simone
8. Let's Face It

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