Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Daisyhead are a four-piece emo/alternative rock band from Nashville, Tennessee that began in 2012. They worked with Spartan Records up until releasing their debut LP this year, 2015, which is out on No Sleep Records. Their guitars are laden with reverb and distortion, with melodic vocals topping them off. Daisyhead have a lot in common with bands like Basement, since they create tons of catchy songs with some powerful instrumentals backing them. The Jimmy Eat World influence (who they actually cover) is also very evident. Daisyhead are equally heavy as they are melodic, and any fan of the 90's alt. rock resurgence going on with bands associated with Run For Cover, No Sleep, etc. should definitely keep an eye on them. Thanks to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this post. Enjoy.

1. Numbing Truth
2. Sun
3. I Couldn't Face You
4. What's Done Is Done

2. O Holy Night

1. Can't Live In It

1. Daisyhead - Dishonest
2. Daisyhead - Wonder
3. Have Mercy - Pete Rose and Babe Ruth
4. Have Mercy - Pawn Takes Rook

2. Work (originally by Jimmy Eat World)

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2. Silent Night

1. Defenselessness
2. Lacking Basis
3. Neck
4. Lead
5. The Halt
6. The Smallest Light
7. Lost Her
8. Take
9. East Bend
10. Inanity
11. I Didn't Deserve This

1. Hold The Door
2. In Case You Missed It
3. Bodies
4. Ready For The World
5. Never Know
6. TV Song
7. Our Last Exchange
8. Common Ground
9. Don't Feel Bad
10. Dark Circus
11. Opryland Lights