Saturday, 21 March 2015


RVIVR are a punk band from Olympia, Washington that formed in 2008. Their origins lie in the demise of Latterman and Shorebirds, both of which featured Mattie Canino. He formed a new band, along with Erica Freas (guitar/vocals) and drummer Kevin Rainsberry. Bassists in the band are the equivalent of Spinal Tap drummers. RVIVR (pronounced "reviver") have remained active for years, and have a number of EP's and two full-lengths under their belt. Stylistically, they have a lot in common with Latterman. Their chunky rhythm guitars, sharp lead guitars, pumping rhythm section, and catchy songs are still the norm here. However, RVIVR make full use of their two vocalists, which adds an entire other dynamic to their music. Both singers have very distinct voices, which work well either separate or together, and they balance each perfectly. The vocals are a big part of the band, since they write such catchy songs, with some awesome lyrics to back it up. Other comparisons can be made to punk/pop bands around now, including Iron Chic and Spraynard. However, RVIVR certainly stand on their own, by writing great songs and putting on amazing live shows. This band gets a ton of requests, so enjoy.

1. Life Moves
2. Plenty Of Time
3. Can't Stand It
4. Scrooged

1. Derailer
2. Real Mean

1. Rain Down
2. Edge Of Living
3. Breathe Out
4. Real Mean
5. Cut the Cord
6. Grandma
7. Life and Death
8. Animal Hands
9. Cold in Your Bones
10. Pause
11. Breathe In
12. Change on Me

1. Seethin'
2. Tallest Tree
3. Tiny Murders
4. Had Enough (Of This Hell)
5. Resilient Bastard

1. Seethin'
2. Tallest Tree
3. Tiny Murders
4. Had Enough (Of This Hell)
5. Resilient Bastard
6. Life Moves
7. Plenty of Time
8. Can't Stand It
9. Scrooged
10. Derailer
11. Elizabethan Collar (by Jimbo)

1. Paper Thin
2. Wrong Way/One Way

1. The Seam
2. LMD
3. Spider Song
4. Old Dogs
5. Wrong Way/One Way
6. Big Lie
7. Paper Thin
8. Rainspell
9. Ocean Song
10. The Hunger Suite I. Go Away
11. The Hunger Suite II. Bleed Out
12. The Hunger Suite III. Hunger
13. Elephant Song
14. Party Queen

1. 20 Below
2. Goodbyes
3. In Waves
4. The Sound
5. Bicker/Breathe


  1. thank you!
    can you put up erica freas' solo work please??

  2. Anyone got the 2008 demo or live release?

  3. One of the best modern punk bands! Though I don't agree with their politics at all. 💔