Saturday, 21 March 2015

Foxes in Fiction

Foxes in Fiction is the solo effort of Warren Hildebrand, who began the project in 2010. Initially, it was rooted in Toronto, Ontario, but has since moved to Brooklyn, New York. Foxes In Fiction began in conjunction with Hildebrand's record label, Orchid Tapes, which puts out all of his own music, in addition to others (perhaps most notably for this blog, Elvis Depressedly and Alex G). The album that began it all was 2010's Swung From The Branches, the first album from both Foxes In Fiction and Orchid Tapes. They put out a second full-length, Ontario Gothic, in 2014, which is much more collaborative, and even features Owen Pallett on a few tracks.

 Foxes In Fiction's sound is very ambient, and predominantly electronic-based. Hildebrand creates long, looming, quiet landscapes that can be just as dreamy as they can be catchy in some parts. They feature sparse vocals and percussion, but always manage to fill up space. The Atlas Sound influence is quite apparent, and even cited by Hildebrand himself. Foxes In Fiction can be described as ambient, dream pop, shoegaze, electronic, whatever you want to call them. Overall, they are just a really good band to relax to, and I would highly suggest checking it out and giving it your support. Enjoy.

1. Operating Room
2. Basement Window
3. Thank You, Sunday Morning
4. Sleeping Building Unsuspecting
5. Coffee Cups That Won't Break Down
6. Ninth Floor View
7. Cream Screen
8. 8 / 29 / 91
9. Mialectric
10. Bronte Balloons
11. New Panic Cure
12. Jimi Bleachball
13. Please Note
14. Snow Angels
15. 15 Ativan (Song for Erika)
16. To Go Home
17. Memory Pools
18. Insomnia Keys
19. Visiting Hours

1. Bathurst
2. School Night
3. Sadiya
4. Borders (Galleries & Foxes in Fiction)
5. Fifteen Ativan (Alternate Version)
6. To Josef, in Texas
7. OCAD Flu

1. Rain Falls
2. Along
3. Courtyard Summers

1. Hospital District
2. Static Cults

1. Foxes In Fiction + Benoît Pioulard - Ground Glass
2. Foxes In Fiction + Benoît Pioulard - Etalon

1. March 2011
2. Into The Fields
3. Glow (v079)
4. Shadow's Song
5. Ontario Gothic
6. Amanda
7. Altars

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