Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Harm's Way

On an unrelated note, one of the best blogs out there, Manic Compression, got shut down a few days ago. It's always terrible to see a good one go, especially when it was basically the last fragment of The Elementary Revolt. So thanks a ton to Chris for providing so much with both blogs, and hopefully he'll back in the future. A ton of blogs have come and gone, which is part of the reason I wanted to start my own. Thanks to everyone who's stuck with it for so long, and hopefully the DMCA and friends don't get to this for a long time. But enough of that, here's Harm's Way.

Harm's Way are a four-piece hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois, that formed in 2006. They're known for being a straight edge band, and share members with Weekend Nachos. However, what Harm's Way are best noted for is their punishing music done with brute force. These guys come on like bulldozers out to destroy anything in their path. Their sludgy, heavy guitars are backed by bone-breaking drums, and fronted by some of the angriest, most guttural vocals out there now. To put it simply, Harm's Way aren't for the faint of heart. They got their start on Organized Crime Records and Closed Casket Activities, but are now immortalized on the Deathwish roster. They put out an incredible EP with them two years ago, and just released their third full-length, and first with Deathwish. These two albums are testaments to how good this band is, since they've been killing it for years, and are still getting better and better. This is especially obvious with their past two phenomenal releases. Everything they've done is still worth your time to check out though, so enjoy.

1. Pure Hatred
2. Had It Coming
3. Frat Boy Stomp
4. Untitled
5. Metalcore Holocaust
6. Untitled

1. Virgin of Nuremburg
2. Pure Hatred
3. Militant Mondays
4. Total Annihilation
5. In My World
6. Outro
7. Imprisoned

1. Delusion
2. Repression

1. Intro
2. Code Of The Huns
3. Repression
4. Delusion
5. Heillos Warnung
6. Warriors Will Reign
7. Watch Them Hang
8. Human Hunter
9. Goat Will Rise
10. Final Damnation
11. Reality Approaches

1. Darwin
2. Puppet
3. Fantasy
4. Warriors

Note: This is a self-released live set, and all the songs are in one track

1. Darwin
2. Puppet
3. Debase
4. Fantasy
5. King

1. Breeding Grounds

1. Scrambled
2. Timing
3. Isolation
4. Breeding Grounds
5. Becomings
6. New Beginnings
7. Slither
8. Pretender

1. Frontal Lobe
2. Mind Control
3. Blinded
4. Blind Stare
5. Live To Loathe

1. Infestation
2. Law Of The Land
3. Cremation
4. Hope
5. Cancerous Ways
6. Amongst The Rust
7. Disintegrate
8. Docile Bodies
9. Turn To Stone
10. Ease My Mind

1. Human Carrying Capacity
2. Last Man
3. Sink
4. Temptation
5. Become A Machine
6. Call My Name
7. Unreality
8. Dissect Me
9. The Gift
10. Dead Space