Friday, 14 October 2016


After finishing up with the Kidcrash post, I got thinking of this band too, who are another that are long overdue for a post. L'Antietam were a four-piece hardcore/screamo band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2004 and ended in 2012. Like Kidcrash, they played a really progressive yet intense form screamo, but more on the aggressive, hardcore side of things. L'antietam were incredible with dynamics, with songs building into spastic frenzies that never ceased to impress with technical guitar work being shot out of the havoc. The vocals would peak at all-out throat-shredding screams, giving their music such a grandeur catharsis that always sounded epic, even if a song only lasted for a minute and a half. Family and Arthur Carr are screamo/hardcore highlights, and are definitely the most recommend listens here. Speaking of which, there's one quick thing to note about Family. It includes both the EP of the same name, as well as their first two EP's and their split with Furnace, just to clear that up. Enjoy.

1. 2
2. 3
3. 4
4. 5
5. 6
6. 7
7. 8
8. 9
9. 10
10. 11
11. 12
12. 13

1. Intro
2. Am:Jm
3. 00:05
4. Brick Halls
5. 00:43
6. Boxes
7. Dear Good Man
8. 01:04
9. Two Birds
10. Outro (a safe one)
11. We Saw the Umbrella Man
12. We Turned Off Harbor Lights
13. We Drank To The Top Of Our Lungs
14. We Built Our Heavens
15. Adrenaline Baby
16. Eldiso
17. Holy Family Fuck
18. Plastic
19. Paper
20. Bah Bah Bah Patriots
21. Everybody Loves Raymond (not the town in NH)
22. The Johnny Appleseed Trail
23. None of This Is No Longer Worth My Time
24. Joes Dad Looks Like Michael Moore
25. Thanks for the Gift But It's Completely Useless for My Situation
26. I Sat For Days and Came With This
27. It's Hard To Listen To A Word You're Saying When You're Spitting In My Face

1. The Overture
2. Wrong Ways I Feel Secure
3. You're Welcome
4. Dear Dead Man
5. A Side Of The States
6. The End Birth
7. Our Elders

1. Kidcrash - Huge Ass Beers to Go (Aka I Went On Tour With L'Antietam and All I Got Was This Lousy Tattoo)
2. L'Antietam - Gnarthur Gnarr
3. L'Antietam - Gnarfield Gnarbuckle

1. Dark Brew
2. White
3. Gold
4. Grape
5. Green
6. I Just Threw My Life Away And I'm Already Paying For It


  1. Could you do ink and dagger or hard girls please .both awesome bands and Eric from Tim and Eric use to be a bassist for them at one if you ask anyone ink and dagger are legendary awesome band .hard girls are post hardcore punk band and are on quote unquote records I mean they have a song called major Payne and being a child of the 90s how much more awesome is that ??? Anyway figured I would ask

  2. Could you please reupload Live at the Fallout Shelter, Family and Dark Brew? Only just discovered these guys and they're amazing.

    1. Sorry, I mean Heavy Nugs, not Family.

    2. You ever get this? If not I can probably send it over.