Sunday, 9 October 2016

Franky Flowers

Franky Flowers are a three-piece indie rock band from Los Angeles, California that seemingly dropped out of nowhere with a fantastic EP back in 2014. These three dudes craft some insanely catchy pop tunes with some psychedelic & shoegaze sounds. They're kind of like a chilled out, entranced version of Modest Mouse, or something like that. Not sure if that's an accurate comparison, but for some reason that's what they always reminded me of. Besides their debut EP, they've put out two singles and are supposed to have a full-length out in 2016. Hopefully that's on the way soon, but for now, dig on this. Enjoy.

1. As You Are
2. Blue Eyes
3. Fell In Love
4. Mashed Potato Baby
5. Hollow
6. The Bay

1. Sneakers (Sneaky Thing)

1. Corpse

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  1. Hard girls please they should be on here...