Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Chalk Talk

Man, I haven't heard this band in years. While I was digging through the vaults looking for new shit to post, I stumbled back on to these guys, and holy shit is this still some fantastic stuff. Chalk Talk are a three-piece emo/punk band that were from both  Connecticut and Massachusetts that got started back in 2009, and have since broken up, though I'm not sure when. They put out these fun, jangly jams with some hilarious lyrics, anthemic vocals, and bright guitars. In terms of upbeat emo, Chalk Talk are no doubt one of the best bands to come out in years. Though this post is years past due, it's still just as good now as it was then. NUTELLA! NUTELLA! NUTELLA! NUTELLAAAAAA! Enjoy.

1. Laundry
2. Horny
3. Killing Spree
4. Food Chain
5. Sacred Burial Ground
6. Misquamicut Has Bigger Waves Though 

1. Chalk Talk - Everybody's Doing It
2. Chalk Talk - Horny
3. Black Churches - Bottom Feeder/Won't Find Solace In A Woman

1. Laundry
2. Marco Polo
3. Pine Cone
4. Food Chain
5. Spare A Few
6. Two Balls And A Paddle

1. Chalk Talk - Wouldn't It Be Nice? (Beach Boys cover)
2. Chalk Talk - Misquamicut Has Bigger Waves Though
3. Sirs - Numero 7
3. Sirs - Beaver Fever

1. Outro
2. You're In
3. Orchard Tunes
4. Bad Influences
5. Babe Paralysis
6. Memo: Sploof


  1. Some of the same dudes were in Make Wave, and Pachangacha. Similar sounding, and super awesome bands.

  2. Any idea what this band has been up to since Bad Influences?