Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Twin Peaks

As tempted as I am to talk about damn fine cups of coffee, my log will say something about that another day. Twin Peaks is a small town in Washington five-piece garage punk/indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois that got started in 2010, while they were still in high school. They're now three full-lengths down, with their last one released earlier this year. They often draw comparisons to other garage rock bands, the most obvious of which would have to be Black Lips. They've nailed that slacker sound, with a lot of reverb, fuzz, and some whiny, nasally vocals. Fans of dream pop might also dig this, as well as people into Ty Segall or even FIDLAR. Twin Peaks have a solid thing going here, so enjoy.

1. Baby Blue
2. Natural Villain
3. Fast Eddie
4. Out Of Commission
5. Stand In The Sand
6. Irene
7. Boomers
8. Ocean Blue

1. I Found A New Way
2. Strawberry Smoothie
3. Mirror Of Time
4. Sloop Jay D
5. Making Breakfast
6. Strange World
7. Fade Away
8. Sweet Thing
9. Stranger World
10. Telephone
11. Flavor
12. Ordinary People
13. Good Lovin'
14. Hold On
15. No Way Out
16. Mind Frame

1. Mirror Of Time
2. Good Lovin'
3. Fade Away
4. Hold On
5. I Found A New Way
6. Strange World
7. Sweet Thing
8. Telephone
9. Making Breakfast
10. Mind Frame

Note: Wild Onion demos

1. Walk To The One You Love
2. Wanted You
3. My Boys
4. Butterfly
5. You Don't
6. Cold Lips
7. Heavenly Showers
8. Keep It Together
9. Getting Better
10. Holding Roses
11. Lolisa
12. Stain
13. Have You Ever