Monday, 10 October 2016

Animal Flag

Animal Flag are a four-piece indie/alternative rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that got started in 2008. They play a darker, moodier form of indie/alt. rock, similar to bands such as All Get Out, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, and even Bright Eyes. Animal Flag just released their latest album, LP, on Broken World Media. It's a compilation of two EP's they put out in 2014 and 2015. This was my introduction to them, and it's a fantastic introduction no doubt. Sonically, it's got a very similar vibe to that of The People's Key, with a little less electronics and a little more post-rock influence. The band uses melodic guitar parts to compliment some fantastic vocals with very confessional lyrics. It's a highly recommended listen, no doubt. I can't really say anything about their other material, since I admittedly haven't gotten around to hearing them. However, if LP is any indication of what they're like, I'm certainly looking forward to them. Enjoy.

1. 12:34
2. Flood Of Sunlight
3. The Crane Song
4. Shaking Like A Leaf
5. Purple Bird (Sun Limb)
6. Selah
7. The Grass & The Wolverine
8. Dragonfly
9. Starfox
10. White Wicker Elephant
11. Home

1. To My Sunshine
2. Everything Will Be Okay
3. The Management Of Grief
4. Winter's Dream
5. Wouldn't That Be Nice
6. Smoking Gun
7. Moon Song
8. Staring Contest
9. Barbed Wire Heart
10. Raspberry Holocaust

1. Jealous Lover
2. Sensation
3. Angels
4. Solace
5. Mercy
6. St. Cecilia's
7. Wayside
8. Borrowed Bones
9. Prone
10. Cathedrals

1. Morningstar
2. Void Ripper
3. Candace
4. Stray
5. Fair
6. Lord of Pain
7. I Can Hear You Laugh
8. Why
9. Five

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