Thursday, 13 October 2016


Kudos to the guy who was just looking for some Kidcrash, because I was legitimately shocked to find that they're not on here yet. Besides being one of the first modern post-hardcore bands I heard, they're still a favourite, and arguably one of the best. They got started in 2000 in Sante Fe, New Mexico, though didn't develop the sound they're known for until around 2004. I believe they are now/were based out of the Oregon/Washington area. As for their current activity, I'm not entirely sure what's going on. They were supposed to put out a new album two years ago or so, but am not sure what became of it, besides the fact that it's yet to be released.

Kidcrash (sometimes referred to as "The Kidcrash") play a very progressive, math rock-esque style of post-hardcore, with elements of post-rock and screamo thrown in. They come off as both intense and intriguing, with some incredible displays of musicianship in addition to their raw assault. I don't know how many damn times I listened to Jokes and Snacks a few years back, but they never get tiresome. Kidcrash have also been a major influence on a lot of post-hardcore bands that are kicking around now, and I'm sure you can hear the similarities in countless bands today. Even if you're a fan of older bands, like Daitro, City Of Caterpillar, Kill Sadie, Unwound, etc., you could definitely get into Kidcrash as well. To sum it up, if you want some intense, experimental post-hardcore, no band does it better than Kidcrash. Enjoy.

1. Your Valley Is Our Volcano
2. Until The Light Kills The Film
3. New Ruins
4. Scalpel Cuts Concrete
5. Gun At The Parade
6. The Afterburn Of Being Born
7. Talking Underwater
8. Eyes That Never Hit The Sky
9. The Drowning Swan's Song

1. I
2. II
3. III

1. A Conduit Rather Than A Vault
2. Life was real, vital, urgent, important/Bum Guts
3. The Ground Eats You
4. Hypothetical Basking Shark
5. Swingsets and Frozen Grapes

1. Turtlelephant
2. The Ground Eats You
3. Life Was Real. Vital.Urgent.Important/Bum Guts
4. Hypothetical Basking Shark
5. Kissed By A Roach From The Grave
6. Parrots Just Don't Understand
7. Ron Ghousley's Fucked Up Dream (Ron To The Hills. Ron For Your Life)
8. Aconduit Rather Than A Vault
9. Swingsets And Frozen Grapes

1. Kidcrash - Huge Ass Beers to Go (Aka I Went On Tour With L'Antietam and All I Got Was This Lousy Tattoo)
2. L'Antietam - Gnarthur Gnarr
3. L'Antietam - Gnarfield Gnarbuckle

1. Space Between Mountains
2. Where Nerves Where
3. Grim Collections
4. Wound Eraser
5. Slow Applause
6. Brain Snares
7. Sleeper Wave

1. Hibernationstate
2. Sleep Shock
3. Misogamist
4. Unknowing The End


  1. few days go by that don't pray that I will live long enough to hear another kidcrash release. not kidding.

  2. Thank you for this. Any chance someone has their stuff in 320kbps? I've been stuck with the 128kbps from when all their stuff was free on their site.

  3. I have the Pre New ruins demos and a EP and full length between the I havent had a date EP and New ruins

  4. I have the Pre New ruins demos and a EP and full length between the I havent had a date EP and New ruins

  5. Any have a copy of the coffin dancer split?

  6. To listen Snacks in high quality go to this link

  7. this is their 2006 demo in FLAC. i'd appreciate date in 4 years in flac if someone could provide it too...