Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Nerve Agents

The Nerve Agents were a five-piece hardcore band from the Bay Area that were around from 1998 to 2002. They played a dark, fast-paced style of punk rock that was typical of the area at the time. They did progress a bit in their few years together though, starting with the straight-forward debut EP and ending with their more progressive LP The Butterfly Collection, which featured some unique guitar work and slower songs. They were also quite well-known for the use of bass in their songs, which functions just as prominently as the guitars. Overall, The Nerve Agents are just a straight-up good hardcore band, with two fantastic LP's and one EP to their name. They also put out a split with Kill Your Idols, but unfortunately I don't have it. Enjoy.

1. Carpe Diem
2. Unblossomed
3. The War's Not Over
4. Level 4 Outbreak
5. Share The Pain
6. Starting Point
7. Black Sheep
8. I Keep Screaming

1. Spring Heeled Jack (Intro)
2. Fall Of The All American
3. Prey
4. Days Of The White Owl
5. Portland
6. Off Come The Blindfolds
7. Your Warning
8. Jekyl And Hyde
9. Next In Line
10. The Invincible
11. Dead Man Walking
12. Out On The Farm
13. A Sad History
14. Just A Visual
15. Evil
16. The Blue Lady (Outro)

1. The Poisoning
2. Crisis
3. War Against!
4. The Vice Of Mrs. Grossly
5. Madam Butterfly
6. Princess Jasmine Of Tinseltown
7. What Then?
8. The Legend Of H. Gane Ciro
9. But I Might Die Tonight
10. Metal Pig
11. New Jersey
12. So, Very Avoidable
13. Oh, Ghost Of Mine
14. Frost
15. The Cross